Buy subscriptions for your organization

Published: June 8, 2012

Updated: February 27, 2014

This topic provides online help content for cloud services, such as Windows Intune and Office 365, which rely on Windows Azure Active Directory for identity and directory services.

To purchase a Microsoft cloud service, you choose one or more subscriptions from the catalog and then pay for the services by using a credit card or by requesting an invoice. Your subscriptions are renewed automatically every year.

If you like, you can try a subscription first to see how the service works and then purchase that subscription later, carrying over any data or configuration you have done while in trial.

For more information about trying a subscription, see Try additional offers.

You can buy subscriptions by looking through the list of available services and then choosing one or more services to purchase.

If you already have a trial, the steps for purchasing a subscription are a little different. For more information, see Buy a subscription.

  1. On the Admin page, in the left pane, under Subscriptions, click Purchase.

  2. On the Purchase subscriptions page, click Add next to each service that you would like to purchase.

  3. Click Add to cart.

  4. When your cart includes all of the subscriptions that you want to purchase, click Check out, and then complete the rest of the purchasing wizard to finish buying your subscriptions.

You can pay for a Microsoft cloud service by using a credit card or by requesting an invoice.

When you choose to pay by using your credit card, your subscription amount will appear on your monthly credit card statement.

Make sure you keep your credit card information up to date. For more information, see Update your credit card information.

Instead of paying by credit card, you can choose to be invoiced for your subscriptions. When you choose this option, you will receive an email message when your bill is ready to be viewed, and you can verify the charges before you pay the bill. For more information, see Pay by invoice.

By default, subscriptions renew automatically each year on the day that you subscribed. Your subscriptions will continue to renew automatically unless you turn off auto-renew. You can edit the option later.

When you aren’t signed up for auto-renew, your subscription will end but you’ll receive an email message prompting you to renew near the end of the subscription period.

If you have turned off auto-renew and you do not renew your subscription by the expiration day, your subscription is canceled.

To turn off auto-renew, do the following.

  1. On the Admin page, in the left pane, under Subscriptions, click Manage.

  2. On the Billing and subscription management page, click a subscription service.

  3. On the Subscription details page, click Turn auto-renew off.