Cancel your subscription

Published: June 8, 2012

Updated: February 27, 2014

This topic provides online help content for cloud services, such as Windows Intune and Office 365, which rely on Windows Azure Active Directory for identity and directory services.

You can cancel your subscription by contacting Support for your specific Microsoft cloud service by phone.

To help protect your privacy, we ask you to provide the following information regarding your account:

  • The user ID you use to sign in to the cloud service

  • The first and last name of the primary contact for your organization

  • The name of your organization as it shows on your account

  • The complete street address of your organization

Take these important steps before you cancel your subscription:

  • Remove domains from your cloud service: If you have added your own domain names for your organization to use with the cloud service, you need to Remove a domain.

  • Save your data: After you cancel your subscription, all the data associated with your online services—for example, email and any documents on Team sites—is deleted 90 days after cancellation. If you need any data from any of the cloud services, download and save your files to another location before you cancel the subscription.

After your subscription is canceled, if you change your mind, you can reinstate your subscription within 90 days by contacting Support by phone.