Pay by invoice

Published: June 8, 2012

Updated: February 27, 2014

This topic provides online help content for cloud services, such as Windows Intune and Office 365, which rely on Windows Azure Active Directory for identity and directory services.

Your company can pay for subscriptions by credit card, or you might have the option to receive an invoice. Depending on your choice of services, you will be billed monthly or annually.

The following provides some additional information about how invoicing works.

  • If you are invoiced for subscription payments, all billing administrators for your company will receive an email message that your invoice is ready to view. If you enter a purchase order (PO) number when you buy subscriptions, the number is included in your invoice for your reference. Billing administrators can view the invoice for your company’s subscriptions. For more information, see View your bill.

  • Payment terms are net due in 30 days. Your invoice will include details about your options for making a payment.

  • If a credit check is required as part of the payment process, you will be notified when you purchase your subscriptions and, if you agree to be contacted, you will receive an email message that includes more information about applying for credit approval. If you prefer not to complete a credit check, choose a different payment option when you buy subscriptions.