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There are several resources available to you covering planning, operating, and using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Service Description describes the service, its capabilities, and requirements. This white paper is intended for business customers who are considering adopting a CRM solution.

When a business allows an external service provider to store and manage its data, key considerations must include security, data protection, privacy, and data ownership. Microsoft takes these concerns seriously and has applied its years of cloud and on-premises experience with security and privacy to delivery of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online service. This focus is highlighted by the 99.9% uptime provision of the service-level agreement (SLA).

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Trust Center describes the trust principles concerning security, privacy, service transparency, and compliance in CRM Online.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Enterprise Planning Guide is designed to help readers understand the key compliance and security considerations associated with planning for a deployment of CRM Online in environments that may include enterprise directory integration services such as directory synchronization and single sign-on.

The Integration Guide: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Office 365 demonstrates how to set up and use the interoperation between Office 365 and CRM Online to improve office collaboration, staff productivity, and make your organization more agile.

Office 365 admin portal

The Office 365 admin portal provides tools and resources that can assist you with key Office 365 online service information and tasks such as:

Open a new or review current service requests

Review the current service health of Office 365 instances including Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Review planned maintenance

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Service Blog

Find service status information specifically about the CRM Online service.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Service Blog

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