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Build Multi-Language Client Restore Media

Published: July 9, 2012

Updated: October 4, 2012

Applies To: Windows Server 2012 Essentials, Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Essentials

You must first create a multilingual Windows image as described in the Walkthrough: Multilingual Windows Image Creation before you add the Windows Server 2012 Essentials langauage pack into install.wim.

When building the multi-language server installation DVD, the language packs will be installed for Server install.wim. The localized resources for restore wizard will be installed as part of language pack.

  1. Mount install.wim at c:\mount, we call c:\mount\Program Files\Windows Server\bin\ClientRestore folder as root of client restore media: [RestoreMediaRoot] below:

    dism /mount-wim /wimfile:install.wim /index:1 /mountdir:c:\mount
  2. Mount the client restore WIM file at [RestoreMediaRoot]\Sources\Boot.wim (Same steps need to be performed for boot_x86.wim too). The command line is:

    dism /mount-wim /wimfile:boot.wim /index:1 /mountdir:c:\mountRestore
  3. Add WinPE-Setup.cab package to the restore media, by running:

    dism /image:c:\mountRestore /add-package /packagepath:WinPE-Setup.cab
  4. Use notepad to edit c:\mountRestore\windows\system32\winpeshl.ini, fill with following content:

    AppPath = %SYSTEMDRIVE%\sources\SelectLanguage.exe
  5. Add language packs to the restore media. Adding language packs can be done by running following command:

    dism /image:c:\mountRestore /add-package /packagepath:[language pack path]

    Following language packs need to be added:

    1. WinPE language pack (lp.cab)

    2. WinPE-Setup language pack (WinPE-Setup_[lang].cab, for example, WinPE-Setup_en-us.cab)

    3. For Asian fonts, including zh-cn, zh-tw, zh-hk, ko-kr, ja-jp, additional font pack need to be installed (winpe-fontsupport-[lang].cab, for example, winpe-fontsupport-zh-cn.cab)

  6. Generate new Lang.ini file, by running:

    dism /image:c:\mountRestore /Gen-LangINI /distribution:mount
  7. Commit and unmount the image, by running:

    dism /unmount-wim /mountdir:c:\mountRestore /commit
  8. Repeat step 2 to Step 7 for [RestoreMediaroot]\Sources\Boot_x86.wim.

  9. Commit and unmount the image, by running:

    dism /unmount-wim /mountdir:c:\mount /commit

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