Configure Enterprise Voice Applications for Lync Online Users


Topic Last Modified: 2013-02-25

In a hybrid voice environment where Lync Online users are enabled for Enterprise Voice using Lync on-premise, these Lync Online users do not have access to advanced features such as Media Bypass and E-9-1-1 available to on-premise Enterprise Voice users until the tenant administrator configures the web URL on Lync Online. To enable Lync Online users to benefit from on-premise Enterprise Voice Applications, the tenant administrator must perform the following procedures.

To enable Lync Online users for Enterprise voice applications
  1. Select the Lync pool to serve the Lync Online users.

  2. Configure the Lync Web Service and CPS is enabled (with configured orbit numbers) on the selected pool.

  3. Assign Lync Online the URL of the Web Service of the selected Lync pool by running the following remote Windows PowerShell command-line interface cmdlet. To enable Media Bypass and E-9-1-1 for hybrid voice users, Lync Server 2013 pool is required. If your deployment uses Lync Server 2010, then you must upgrade to Lync Server 2013 to enable Media Bypass and E-9-1-1.

    -HybridConfigServiceInternalURL <on-premise Web Service internal URL complete path> 
    -HybridConfigServiceExternalURL <on-premise Web Service external URL complete path>