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Getting Started with Azure Rights Management


Updated: August 1, 2015

Applies To: Azure Rights Management, Office 365

This section contains information for IT administrators and consultants, to help them learn more about Microsoft Azure Rights Management (also known as Azure RMS) and how it can help to protect information in your organization.

When you’re ready to start deploying Azure RMS, see Azure Rights Management Deployment Roadmap for deployment steps and links for how-to instructions.

If you’ve already deployed Azure RMS, see Using Azure Rights Management. And if you’re a Windows PowerShell user, or just want to see how you can administer Azure RMS from the command line, see Administering Azure Rights Management by Using Windows PowerShell.

What is Azure Rights Management?

An overview of Azure Rights Management, the business benefits and problems that it solves for organizations that are looking to safeguard and protect their data, some typical examples with screenshots, and a detailed explanation of how this technology works.

RMS for Individuals and Azure Rights Management

Explains the free subscription named RMS for individuals that lets anybody in an organization read protected files, even if their company doesn’t have Rights Management or AD RMS.

How Applications Support Azure Rights Management

Describes how applications such as Microsoft Word and Outlook, and services such as Exchange Online and SharePoint Online, support Azure Rights Management to help protect your organization’s sensitive data.

Comparing Azure Rights Management and AD RMS

If you are familiar with Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS), you might find this topic and table comparison useful to help you identify the similarities and differences between Azure Rights Management and AD RMS.

Requirements for Azure Rights Management

Identify the requirements to deploy and use Rights Management in your organization. This is where you’ll find support statements for Azure Rights Management that are regularly updated.

Frequently Asked Questions for Azure Rights Management

See if your question is answered here, or browse to see what others often ask about Azure Rights Management.

Information and Support for Azure Rights Management

Information and links to additional resources, such as blogs, Twitter feeds, forums, how to provide feedback about the documentation, and tips for searching the documentation.

Terminology for Azure Rights Management

A list of terms and abbreviations that are commonly used for Azure Rights Management and you will see in the documentation and UI.

Quick Start Tutorial for Azure Rights Management

A tutorial to try out Azure Rights Management in less than 15 minutes. It covers activating the service, securely sending a confidential document by email to somebody in another organization, and then tracking when that document is opened.

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