Publishing Exchange ActiveSync on a Forefront UAG portal

Updated: July 31, 2012

Applies To: Unified Access Gateway

This topic describes how to publish the Exchange ActiveSync service on a Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) portal, using the Add Application Wizard.

Depending on your publishing scenario, the portal may be invisible to the user.

  1. In the Forefront UAG Management console, click the portal through which you want to publish Exchange services, and then, below the Applications list, click Add. The Add Application Wizard opens.

  2. On the Select Application page of the wizard, in the Web list, click Microsoft Exchange Server (all versions).

  3. On the Select Exchange Services page of the wizard, in the Exchange version list, click the version of the Exchange server you want to publish. Under Exchange services, select the Exchange ActiveSync check box, and then click Next.

  4. On the Configure Application page of the wizard, enter a name for the application.

  5. On the Select Endpoint Policies page of the wizard, click Next. Endpoint policies are not applicable when publishing Exchange ActiveSync.

  6. On the Deploying an Application page of the wizard, choose whether to publish a single web server or a farm of load-balanced web servers.

  7. On the Web Servers page of the wizard:

    • In the Addresses list, enter the IP address or host name of the Client Access server.

    • In the Public host name box, enter the public host name for this application.

    When publishing Exchange ActiveSync, Forefront UAG communicates with the Exchange Client Access server over HTTPS.

  8. On the Authentication page of the wizard, select an authentication server to use for authenticating users to the application.

  9. On the Authorization page of the wizard, select which users are authorized to access this application.

  10. On the Completing the Add Application Wizard page, click Finish.

    The Add Application Wizard closes, and the application that you defined appears in the Forefront UAG Management console, in the Applications list.

  11. On the toolbar of the Forefront UAG Management console, click the Activate configuration icon, and then on the Activate Configuration dialog box, click Activate.

    When the configuration is activated, the message "Forefront UAG configuration activated successfully" appears.