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How to Add Windows Azure Virtual Machines to a Deployed Service in System Center 2012 SP1


This section describes how to add a virtual machine to an existing deployed cloud service in Windows Azure.

To add a virtual machine to an existing cloud service

  1. On the Services page, click Deploy in the taskbar.

  2. In the New Deployment diagram, click Configure to select a cloud.

  3. In the Select a cloud for this deployment dialog box, select a cloud and then click OK to return to the diagram.

  4. After you have selected a cloud, click Select a package, a configuration, a blob, an image, or a disk… on the Deployment Type tile and select a virtual hard disk or an image.

  5. After you have selected a virtual hard disk or image, click Configure on the Cloud service tile to select a cloud service that contains one of more virtual machines.

    The service configuration diagram is displayed with a new virtual machine available to configure.

  6. After you have selected a cloud service, click Configure on the Virtual Machine tile to configure the virtual machine.

  7. If you are creating a virtual machine from an image, you must also specify the destination container for the image and the Administrator password for the virtual machine.

  8. After you have configured the virtual machine, click Deploy on the diagram page.

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