Manage and run DPM jobs


Updated: May 13, 2016

Applies To: System Center 2012 SP1 - Data Protection Manager, System Center Data Protection Manager 2010, System Center 2012 R2 Data Protection Manager

This section describes how to work with DPM jobs, as follows:

The following table summarizes the types of jobs that DPM performs.

Job typeDescription
Replica creationOccurs when an initial replica of a data source selected for protection is being created in DPM.
Consistency checkOccurs when the replica in DPM is being checked for consistency with the data source on the protected computer. DPM fixes any issues that are found.
SynchronizationFiles: Occurs when the replica in DPM is being updated with the changes from the protected computer.

Applications: Occurs when the recovery point creation job synchronizes and creates a recovery point.
Recovery pointOccurs when a recovery point of a replica is being created in DPM.
Disk recoveryOccurs when data is in the process of being recovered from a disk-based recovery point.
Tape erase dataOccurs when data on a selected tape is erased.
Drive cleaningOccurs when a tape drive is cleaned.
Detailed inventoryOccurs when the administrator runs a detailed inventory on a tape.
Fast inventoryOccurs when the administrator runs a fast inventory on a tape.
Tape verificationOccurs when a selected tape is verified.
Data copyOccurs when selected data is copied.
Tape backupOccurs when a selected tape is backed up.
Tape recoveryOccurs when data on a tape is recovered.
Copy data - tapeOccurs when data from a tape is copied to disk or to another tape.
Recoverable items recatalogOccurs when a tape from another DPM server is being recataloged.
Tape recatalogOccurs when a tape is recataloged.
Library rescanOccurs when a library is rescanned.
SharePointCatalogTaskTypeOccurs when running a scheduled SharePoint backup.
SharePointExportAndImportOccurs when a SharePoint item-level recovery is performed.
StagingAreaRestoreOccurs when recovering files or applications from any folder that is located in a DPM server to a protected computer.