This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Automatic Version Synchronization

On this page of the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard 10, the Setup file for Internet Explorer® 10 is downloaded to your computer to the location that you specify. Setup contains both the full and express packages in the language that you specified earlier in the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard 10. These files are required to build a specific custom package for the operating system and language combination that you selected on previous pages. Automatic Version Synchronization runs each time you run the wizard. You must synchronize once for each operating system and language combination.

There are two types of versioning used by Internet Explorer Administration Kit: versioning of the custom package and versioning of Internet Explorer itself. For the first type, each Internet Explorer package that you create is assigned a version number, and older packages are not allowed to overwrite newer ones. Automatic Version Synchronization addresses the second type — versioning for Internet Explorer.

You may be prompted with a security warning before the Setup file is downloaded.


Item Details

Version available on your machine

This number indicates the version of Internet Explorer 10 on the computer on which you are running the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard 10.

Latest version available on Web

This number indicates the most recently released version of the wizard, and compares the version of Internet Explorer on the local computer with the latest version on the Internet Explorer 10 Downloads site (Internet Explorer 10 home page). If the version of the browser on your computer matches the most recent version from the download location, you do not need to update your browser.


If the version of the browser displayed next to Version available on your computer is older than Latest version available on Web, you should click Synchronize to update the version on your computer. You must do this at least once for each platform and language combination for which you are creating a custom package. Also, you need to click synchronize if you don’t have the specific operating system or language files on your computer.

Disk space required

This number indicates the amount of space needed to update the browser.

Disk space available

This number indicates the amount of space available on the computer on which you are running the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard 10.

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