Saving Message Data

After you have loaded data through a Browse Session and displayed it in the Analysis Grid, in most cases you will have manipulated the data in some way to isolate specific information and analyze the issues on which you are working. For example, you might have modified your data and/or View configuration in any of the following ways:

  • Displayed additional message fields by adding columns to contain the field data.

  • Applied a View Filter to isolate specific protocol data in the grid.

  • Used Color Rules to highlight messages based on various protocol names, field values, or states.

  • Grouped messages according to specific criteria.

  • Sorted data according to a specific column category.

  • Applied column filters.

  • Created a Summary View and drilled down to expose further messaging details.

After you have used Message Analyzer data manipulation facilities to isolate a particular problem, you might want to save the data and view configurations that you used to identify the issue. If you save your session work, you can resume previous work at any future time should further analysis be required. Also, saving the data and view configuration of your session work is particularly useful when you need to share the results of your investigations with others.

The following subtopics in this section describe how to save session data, which includes selecting messages, specifying file formats, and naming files:

Saving Session Data

Selecting Messages to Save

Saving Files in Native Format

Naming Saved Files

Saving and Restoring Column Layouts