Events 2015 2016 2026 5255 5256 - Excel back end memory issues


Applies to: Office Web Apps Server

Topic Last Modified: 2016-04-20

Summary: Resolve issues when an event indicates memory failures that affect the Excel Services server or the workbook disk cache on that server.

Audience: IT Professionals

This System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) Management Pack knowledge article (KA) provides suggested resolutions for two problems that can occur in an Office Web Apps Server farm:

  • Memory failures that affect the Excel Services server.

  • Memory issues with the workbook disk cache on the Excel Services server.

Event Names:

  • Excel Workbook Disk Cache Is Full

  • Excel Back End Internal Error

  • Excel Maximum Memory Configured For Back End Has Been Exceeded

  • Excel Back End Memory Allocation Failed

Event IDs: 2015, 2016, 2026, 5255, 5256

Symptoms: One or more of the following symptoms might appear:

  • Some user sessions are interrupted and workbooks in the browser might stop responding.

  • Users can't create sessions and so can't view workbooks in their browsers.

  • Existing user sessions may stop responding and cause open workbooks in the browser to stop responding.

  • Workbooks do not load.

  • Workbook performance is poor.

Cause: One or both of the following might be the cause:

  • The Excel Services server has reached capacity and the server cannot allocate more memory resources.

  • The Excel Services server experienced an unexpected failure and cannot allocate new memory.

Resolution: One or both of the following actions might resolve the issue:

  • Evaluate whether Excel Services servers are sufficient or if there are enough servers to support user load.

  • Restart the Excel Services server.