(IND) Posting (modified form) [AX 2012]

Updated: February 4, 2014

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2

Click Inventory management > Setup > Posting > Posting.

Use this form to set up ledger account numbers for the automatic ledger transactions that are generated for receipts and for issue transactions in the inventory.

Set up account numbers as needed on one or more of the tabs in the form. Each tab contains several account types, and for each account type, you must specify which account in your own chart of accounts that you want to use. If you have created an item group in the Item groups form with corresponding posting, that posting automatically appears here and the item group appears as a reference.

You can use either posting profiles or posting definitions to set up the account numbers for offset accounts. Each posting profile is associated with only one offset account. Posting definitions can be associated with multiple offset accounts. For more information, see About fixed asset posting profiles and About posting definitions.


The controls that are described in this topic apply only to your country/region. For full documentation of this form, see the following topic or topics:

Item posting (form)



Transfer order

Set up the posting profile for the items and item groups for stock transfer transactions.




Select an option to set up the posting profile for items or item groups.

Item code

Select whether the posting profile is set up for a specific item, a specific item group, or for all items and item groups.

Item relation

Select the item group for which you are setting up the posting profile.


This field is not available if All is selected in the Item code field.

Main account

Select the main account for the item or item group that corresponds to the options that are selected in the Select field group. This account is used as the default account for posting.

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