Re-approval rule for purchase orders (form) [AX 2012]

Updated: March 11, 2014

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2

Click Procurement and sourcing > Setup > Policies > Purchasing policies. On the Purchasing policies list page, select an existing purchasing policy or create a new purchasing policy. In the Purchasing policy form, on the Policy rules FastTab, in the Policy rule type: list, select Re-approval rule for purchase orders, and then click Create policy rule.

Use this form to define rules that control the purchase order reapproval process. The reapproval rules apply to all users who are associated with the legal entities that are selected on the Policy organizations FastTab in the Purchasing policy form.

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Select how the available fields should be displayed. To view the fields in a list, select List view. To view them by field groups in the Purchase order form, select Tree view.


The fields that require reapproval in the purchase order workflow when they are changed.


The fields that the reapproval rule can be applied to. The fields that are available for selection include all fields that are related to purchase orders.


Some of the available fields are only relevant for legal entities that are located in certain countries.

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