Delete an existing collection of A/V Edge Server configuration settings in Lync Server 2013

Lync Server 2013

Topic Last Modified: 2012-11-01

The A/V Edge service provide a way for your internal users (users who are logged on to your organizational network) to share audio and video with external users (users who are not logged on to your organizational network). The A/V Edge service is primarily managed by using A/V Edge configuration settings, setting that can be configured at the site scope or at the service scope (that is, can be configured for an individual A/V Edge server).

When you install Lync Server, a global collection of A/V Edge configuration settings is created for you. This global collection cannot be deleted. However, you can use the Windows PowerShell and the Remove-CsAVEdgeConfiguration cmdlet to "reset" the global collection; that simply means that all the property values in the global collection will be reset to their default value. For example, if you have set the MaxTokenLifetime property for 16 hours, that property will be reset to its default value of 8 hours.

However, custom settings collections that you have created at either the site scope or the service scope can be deleted by using the Remove-CsAVEdgeConfiguration cmdlet. If you delete site settings then A/V Edge servers in that site will be managed by the global settings. If you delete service-scope settings,, that server will then be managed by its site settings, if they exist, or by the global settings if no site settings are available.

For more information, see the help topic for the Remove-CsAVEdgeConfiguration cmdlet.

  • The following command resets the global collection of A/V Edge configuration settings:

    Remove-CsAVEdgeConfiguration -Identity "global"

  • This command removes the A/V Edge configuration settings applied to the Redmond site:

    Remove-CsAVEdgeConfiguration -Identity "site:Redmond"

  • This command removes the settings applied to the A/V Edge server

    Remove-CsAVEdgeConfiguration -Identity ""