Manage recipients in EOP


Applies to: Exchange Online Protection

Topic Last Modified: 2014-06-25

Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP) offers several ways to manage your mail recipients. As an administrator, you can perform certain management tasks within the Exchange admin center (EAC) or using remote Windows PowerShell, and verify other management tasks performed in the Microsoft Office 365 admin center.

EOP supports the following types of recipients:

  • Mail Users   Mail users are recipients in your EOP managed domains. These recipients have logon credentials in your Office 365 organization, but they have external email addresses, meaning that their recipient mailboxes are located outside of your cloud organization. You can add mail users so that they can receive mail and you can also create transport rules for specific users. You can also assign roles to mail users in your organization; users with management role group privileges can access the Exchange admin center (EAC) and perform certain management tasks. To learn more about user roles and how to assign user roles in EOP, see Manage admin role group permissions in EOP.

    For more information about managing mail users in EOP, see Manage mail users in EOP.

  • Groups   Mail users can be grouped together into distribution groups or security groups.

    For more information about managing groups in EOP, see Manage groups in EOP.

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