Hybrid for SharePoint Server 2013


Applies to: Office 365 Enterprise, SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise, SharePoint Server 2013 Standard

Topic Last Modified: 2018-01-27

Summary: Learn about SharePoint Server 2013 hybrid environments and the hybrid solutions available for SharePoint Server 2013 and SharePoint Online.

With SharePoint Server 2013 hybrid, productivity services in SharePoint Online can be integrated with on-premises SharePoint Server 2013 to provide unified functionality and access to data. For enterprises that want to gradually move their existing on-premises SharePoint Server 2013 services to the cloud, SharePoint Server 2013 hybrid provides a staged migration path by extending high-impact SharePoint Server 2013 workloads to SharePoint Online.

A SharePoint Server 2013 hybrid environment enables trusted communications between SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server 2013. When you have established this trust framework, you can configure integrated functionality between services and features such as Search, Follow, and user profiles.

To get started exploring hybrid, see the following articles:

For detailed hybrid configuration information, see SharePoint Server 2013 hybrid configuration roadmaps.

You can download hybrid resources such as posters and worksheets.


Downloads Resource Description

Poster: SharePoint 2013 Hybrid Topology: Certificate, Authentication, and Authorization flow

Thumbnail art of the Hybrid Certificates poster

This poster illustrates the role of the certificates, authentication, and authorization flow for inbound hybrid search.

Visio version (.vhdx)


Poster: Which hybrid topology should I use?

Thumbnail picture of Hybrid Topologies model

This poster provides a flowchart that can help you to decide which hybrid topology is appropriate for your environment.

Visio version

PDF version


Poster: Business Connectivity Services Hybrid Flow

BCS Hybrid Flow Model

This poster illustrates the architecture and authentication flow in a Business Connectivity Services hybrid solution.

Visio version

PDF version


Worksheet: SharePoint hybrid worksheets

Thumbnail art for two-way SharePoint hybrid

Use the worksheet to collect data during planning and deployment of a SharePoint hybrid topology. Worksheets for all supported hybrid topologies are provided in both Office Excel and Word formats.

Download worksheet