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SDK Release History for V5.0.8

[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011]

This page contains the list of significant changes made to the SDK Version 5.0.8, November 2011 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

This is not the current version. To find the release history for the current version, see Release History.


New and updated topics Description of changes


Updated the readme for this version of the SDK package.


Updated binaries for the Portal developer toolkit and developer extensions. New features include support for authenticating portal users through the Windows Azure Access Control Service.


Refreshed the User Interface Style Guide to include UI specification for the Activity Feeds feature and the Windows Phone application. The design of the style guide was also refreshed.

Active Directory and Claims-Based Authentication

Added an important security alert and new information about Office 365 authentication.

Connect with Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Integration with Office 365

Authenticate Office 365 Users with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Web Services

Synchronized Users in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Office 365

Sample: Quick Start for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Sample: Authenticate Users with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web Services


Added topics for Microsoft Office 365 integration, access, and provisioning.

Updated the helper code to support authentication of Microsoft Office 365 managed and federated users with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online .

Updated the QuickStart samples to use a new helper code method call with Microsoft Office 365 support to authenticate the user. All samples will be updated to use this new method in a future release.

Create Solutions That Support Multiple Languages

Added a new topic to provide guidance about tactics to provide support for multiple languages for all types of solution components. Some information previously included in the Introduction to Solutions topic Support for Multiple Languages section has been moved into this topic.

Discover the URL for Your Organization with IDiscoveryService Web Service

Download the Endpoints Using the Dynamics CRM Developer Resources Page

Added new discovery service URLs for the Office 365 edition of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online .

Edit the Site Map

Included the Site Map Editors section to include links to applications available to streamline editing the SiteMap.

EntityMetadata. CanModifyAdditionalSettings

AttributeMetadata. CanModifyAdditionalSettings

Provided more detail about the specific settings that the CanModifyAdditionalSettings property controls for EntityMetadata and AttributeMetadata .


Deleted classes and class members. CrossRealmIssuerEndpointDictionary has been replaced with CrossRealmIssuerEndpointCollection.

Open Forms, Views, Dialogs and Reports with a URL

Added the Display a View in the Application Navigation using the Site Map section to provide information about how to configure the SiteMap to show a specific view for an entity.

Organize Your Team to Develop Solutions

Added the Deploy Solutions from Development through Test and Production Environments section to introduce the new white paper on this topic.

Sample: Audit User Access


Added new sample code to show how to audit user access.

Sample: Bulk Delete Exported Records


Added new sample code to show how to bulk delete records that were manually exported from Microsoft Dynamics CRM .

Sample: Bulk Delete Records That Match Common Criteria


Added new sample code to show how to bulk delete records that match common criteria.

Sample: Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete Using the REST Endpoint with JavaScript and jQuery


Refactored this sample to use a generic library for data operations. Added the HTML web resources as the configuration page for the managed solution so it is easier to run the sample directly from the managed solution.

This sample is now equivalent to the Sample: Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete Using the REST Endpoint with JavaScript except that it uses jQuery .

Sample: Serialize and Deserialize an Entity Instance


Added a new sample to demonstrate entity serialization.

Understand How Managed Solutions Are Merged

Removed an incorrect paragraph from the Merge Form Customizations section, which said that new forms created using the Save As button retained a connection to the original form so that changes applied by a managed solution to the original form would be propagated to the copies of the form.

Use the Sample and Helper Code

All sample code Microsoft Visual Studio projects are updated to reference the new System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement namespace. The additional reference is required only for projects that include the CrmServiceHelpers.cs|vb helper code. This namespace provides types and properties used for authentication with the Federated Identity organization using current UserPrincipalName in the single sign-on scenario instead of using user name and password.

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