SDK Release History for V5.0.1

[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011]

This page contains the list of significant changes made to the SDK Version 5.0.1, February 2011 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

This is not the current version. To find the release history for the current version, see Release History.


New and updated topics Description of changes


Updated the readme with new information.


Assemblies and binaries have been updated to the current version for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online .


Added two new labs demonstrating the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace and Silverlight . Please note that all labs were developed for Beta 1. They will be updated in the March SDK release.


Added Windows PowerShell samples.


Updated sample code with bug fixes.

All topics have been finalized for translation, so you may notice subtle differences in many topics.

Add Report Navigation

Updated to show that in the drill-through reports, a logical name of the entity should be used and not the object type code value (OTC).

BusinessUnit Entity

Added information that the business unit entity is now customizable.

Sample: Create Dependent OptionSets (Picklists)

Added information about how dependent option set (picklist) attributes can be implemented using form scripts.

Define Scaling for Ribbon Elements

Changed the diagram to refer to the more commonly used <OverflowSection> (RibbonDiffXml) element rather than the <Section> (RibbonDiffXml) element.

Enable or Disable XAML Workflows

Added a Windows PowerShell procedure for enabling or disabling use of custom code on the server (custom XAML workflows).

Handle Exceptions in Your Code

Added more exception information for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online .

Helper Code: ServerConnection Class

Added support for authentication for Internet-facing deployments (IFD).

Maintain Managed Solutions

Added the Require a Minimum Version section.

Messages Deprecated in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Added SetRelated and RemoveRelated to the list of messages deprecated in this release.

Run a Simple Program Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web Services

Added information and a link on how to set up a new Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 project for developing an application that can access Microsoft Dynamics CRM .

Register and Deploy Plug-Ins

Added information about assembly versioning.

Sample: Audit Entity Data Changes

Updated the sample code that obtains attribute old and new values.

Sample: Limit the Number of Items Displayed in a Chart

Added a code example showing how to use FetchXML query to limit the number of items shown in the table.

Sample: REST Endpoint Silverlight Contact Editor

Sample: Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete Using the REST Endpoint with Silverlight

Moved the sample code from the SDK\SampleCode\CS\GeneralProgramming\DataServices folder to the SDK\SampleCode\CS\Silverlight folder.

Sample: Work with Views

Added this sample topic and created a solution in the Sdk\SampleCode\CS\Customizations\Views\WorkWithViews folder.

Schemas Used in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Added new XML schema files for integrating Microsoft Biztalk with Microsoft Dynamics CRM . These files can be found in the SDK\Schemas\CRMBizTalkIntegration folder.

Set the Number of Dashboard Controls

Added a Windows PowerShell procedure for setting the maximum number of dashboards.

Stylesheet (XSL) Web Resources

Added sample code to the topic.

Upgrade Code in the ISV folder to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011


Added a new sample.

Upgrade Plug-ins and Custom Workflow Activities

Added information about post upgrade issues and resolutions.

Upgrade Scripts to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Renamed the topic and added new information. It was previously named “Upgrade Customizations to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 .”

Use the QueryExpression Class

Added information about how to discover the total record count for the query.

Use the REST Endpoint for Web Resources

Moved this topic into the new Use Web Service Data in Web Resources (REST and SOAP Endpoint) section.

Use the REST Endpoint with Ajax and JScript Web Resources

Added new information regarding Working with Dates .

Use the SOAP Endpoint for Web Resources

Walkthrough: Use the SOAP Endpoint for Web Resources with Silverlight

Added new topics for the SOAP endpoint for Web resources.

Use Parameters in Reports

Added information about new hidden parameters.

Use the SOAP Endpoint for Web Resources

Walkthrough: Use the SOAP Endpoint for Web Resources with Silverlight

Walkthrough: Use the SOAP Endpoint for Web Resources with JavaScript

Sample: Retrieve Entity Metadata Using JavaScript

Added this conceptual topic, two supporting Walkthrough topics, and a sample.

Web Page (HTML) Web Resources

Added information describing when to use the editor for HTML Web resources and how to prevent the resources from being edited in managed solutions.

Which Entities Are Customizable?

Added a table listing the values of all customization entity properties: Customizable Entity Properties .

Xrm.Page Reference

Added information to indicate that the Xrm.Page.context object is available for JScript libraries used in Ribbon command actions.

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