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Applies To: CRM Online

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You know how important email is to your business and what happens when email stops flowing for even a short time. You can rid yourself of much of the stress of managing an email server by letting Microsoft Office 365 host your email service with Exchange Online. Then integrate Exchange Online with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to take advantage of CRM Online email features.

One of the main reasons people use Microsoft Dynamics CRM is to store all customer email so anyone with the appropriate permissions can see all relevant customer communications in one place. For example, you can see all email associated with a particular contact or account, or for a particular opportunity or case.

To store email and other messaging records in CRM, you need to synchronize your email system with CRM. There are three ways to do this:

  • Server-side synchronization

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Email Router

You can also use server-side synchronization together with Dynamics CRM for Outlook.

The preferred method: server-side synchronization

You can set synchronization of email messages, tasks, contacts, and appointments between CRM Online and Exchange Online. To use this functionality you don’t have to install and maintain a separate application. Setup is simpler and maintenance is easier compared to other deployment scenarios. Server-side synchronization is the preferred option for organizations with users who run Microsoft Dynamics CRM in a web browser or on mobile devices, such as tablets or smartphones.

Server-side synchronization in Dynamics CRM

You configure and manage server-side synchronization from within CRM Online. More information: Connect CRM Online to Exchange Online

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