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What's discontinued in Exchange Online

Exchange Online

Applies to: Exchange Online

Topic Last Modified: 2014-07-08

This topic discusses the components, feature, or functionality that have been removed, discontinued, or replaced in Microsoft Exchange Online.

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Feature Comments and mitigation

Directory lookups using Automatic Speech Recognition

In Exchange Online, Outlook Voice Access users can’t use Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) or speech inputs to locate users in the directory, they can only use DTMF or touchtone inputs.

Callers that call into an auto attendant can use speech inputs in multiple languages to navigate auto attendant menus and search for users in the directory.


Feature Comments and mitigation

Creating mailboxes

Mailboxes can’t be created using the Exchange admin center in Exchange Online. They can be created using the Microsoft Office 365 admin center or the Exchange Management Shell. Using the Office 365 admin center is the recommended method because licenses can be assigned at the time of mailbox creation. For more information, see Create User Mailboxes in Exchange Online.


Feature Comments and mitigation

Spell check

Outlook Web App no longer has built-in spell check services. Instead, it relies on the spell check services provided by web browsers.

Message flags

The ability to set a custom date on a message flag isn’t available in Outlook Web App 2013. You can use Outlook to set custom dates.

Customizable filters

Outlook Web App no longer has customizable filtered views and no longer supports saving filtered views to Favorites. Customizable filters have been replaced by fixed filters that can be used to view all messages, unread messages, messages sent to the user, or flagged messages.

Chat contact list

The chat contact list that appeared in the folder list in the previous version of Outlook Web App for Exchange Online is no longer available.

Search folders

The ability for users to use Search folders isn’t currently available in Exchange 2013.


Feature Comments and mitigation

Delivery reports

The Delivery Reports feature was removed from Exchange admin center because it’s functionality has been replaced by the message trace feature. However, end users can still access the Delivery Reports feature through Outlook Web App. For more information about the message trace feature, see Trace an Email Message.

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