Deploy IPAM Server


Applies To: Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012

At least one IPAM server is required to deploy IPAM. In order for a computer to function as an IPAM server, it must be a domain member computer running Windows Server® 2012 or later, and the IPAM Server feature must be installed and configured. You cannot install IPAM Server on a domain controller.

Before you install and configure an IPAM server, be sure that you have reviewed the following conceptual topics in the Understanding IP Address Management (IPAM) Guide:

After you have reviewed these topics, complete the tasks in Checklist: Deploy IPAM Server. Depending on your IPAM design choices, you will also be required to configure and deploy managed server access settings on IP infrastructure servers (domain controllers, NPS, DHCP, and DNS servers) to enable a functional IPAM environment.