Components used by Group Call Pickup in Lync Server 2013

Lync Server 2013

Topic Last Modified: 2013-01-30

Group Call Pickup is automatically deployed when you deploy Enterprise Voice and the Call Park application. You enable Group Call Pickup by configuring the Call Park orbit table with separate ranges of numbers designated as call pickup group numbers, and then by assigning users to call pickup groups and enabling the users for Group Call Pickup. The following Lync Server components support Group Call Pickup:

  • Application service   Application service provides a platform for deploying, hosting, and managing unified communications applications, such as the Call Park application. Application service is automatically installed on every Front End Server in a Front End pool and on every Standard Edition server.

  • Call Park application   The Call Park application is one of the unified communications applications that are hosted by Application service. Group Call Pickup is based on the Call Park application.

  • Lync Server Management Shell   You use Lync Server Management Shell to manage Group Call Pickup groups.

  • SEFAUtil resource kit tool   You use the secondary extension feature activation utility (SEFAUtil) to assign users to a call pickup group and to enable or disable call pickup for users.