(IND) TCS statement (report) [AX 2012]

Updated: February 18, 2013

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2

Generate a quarterly statement by using Form 27EQ for Tax collected at source (TCS).

When you generate this report, the following default parameters are displayed. You can use these parameters to filter the data that will be displayed on the report. For more information, see Filter the data on a report.



Statement filed earlier

Select this check box if a TCS statement has previously been filed.

Token number

Select the token number assigned to the previously filed TCS statement.

This field is available only if you selected the Statement filed earlier check box.

Tax Account Number (TAN)

Select the Tax Account Number (TAN) to identify TCS tax settlement periods.


The type of statement to generate.


Select the end date of the statement period.

Period end

The quarter for which the statement is generated.

Responsible person

Select the employee who is responsible for generating the TCS statement.


Enter the designation of the person responsible for deducting the Tax deducted at source (TDS). Based on how your organization has determined the designation, you might, for example, enter Finance Manager, Compliance Manager, or Tax Accountant.

Printing date

Select the date for printing the statement.

Name of the return preparation utility

Specify the name of the utility that is used to prepare the tax return statement, based on the version of Microsoft Dynamics AX that you are using.

Generate e-file

Select this check box to generate an e-file for the quarter.

Generate corrected e-file

Select this check box to generate a corrected e-file for the quarter.

File name

Select the name and path of the file.


Select this check box to indicate that the statement has been filed.

The following topics explain how to print a report and how to filter and sort the data on a report.

The following table explains where to find the report in the Application Object Tree (AOT) and how to navigate to the report in the Microsoft Dynamics AX client.



Name of report in the AOT


Location of report in the AOT

SSRS Reports\Reports\TaxWithholdStatement

Menu item of the report


Navigation to the report

Navigation Path Not Found

The data on this report comes from the following sources:

  • TaxWithholdStatementTmpTrans

  • TaxWithholdSTatementTmpParticularInfo

  • TaxWithholdStatementTmpTransSummary

If you are a developer, you can learn more about where the data on a report comes from by using the following procedure.

  1. Open the AOT.

  2. Locate the report in the SSRS Reports\Reports node.

  3. Right-click the report and click Add-Ins > Cross-reference > Using (instant view).

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