View conferencing device information in Lync Server 2013

Lync Server 2013

Topic Last Modified: 2013-02-20

You can view information about the conferencing devices configured for use in your organization by using Windows PowerShell and the Get-CsMeetingRoom cmdlet. Run the Get-CsMeetingRoom cmdlet from either the Lync Server 2013 Management Shell or from a remote session of Windows PowerShell.

For details about using remote Windows PowerShell to connect to Lync Server, see the Lync Server Windows PowerShell blog article "Quick Start: Managing Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Using Remote PowerShell" at

If you use the Get-CsMeetingRoom cmdlet without any parameters, it returns information about all your conferencing devices. Optional parameters provide different ways for you to filter information. For details, see the Parameters section of Get-CsMeetingRoom.

  • To view details about all your conferencing devices, type the following command in the Lync Server Management Shell, and then press Enter:


    This cmdlet returns information similar to the following for each conferencing device. Note that this example shows only some of the information that you’ll see when you run this cmdlet:

    ContactOptionFlags                : 64
    OwnerUrn                          : urn:device:roomsystem
    OriginatorSid                     :
    SamAccountName                    : room12129
    UserPrincipalName                 :
    FirstName                         : 
    LastName                          :
    WindowsEmailAddress               :
    Sid                               : S-1-5-21-2831376166-2963252556-2165051629-1257
    LineServerURI                     :
    AudioVideoDisabled                : False
    IPPBXSoftPhoneRoutingEnabled      : False
    RemoteCallControlTelephonyEnabled : False
    PrivateLine                       :
    AcpInfo                           : {}
    HostedVoiceMail                   :
    DisplayName                       : Room 1219

  • To view information for a specific conferencing device, include the Identity parameter followed by the conferencing device identity (typically, the Active Directory display name). For example:

    Get-CsMeetingRoom -Identity "Room 1219"

For details, see the Help topic for the Get-CsMeetingRoom cmdlet.