Capabilities not supported by Location-Based Routing in Lync Server 2013

Lync Server 2013

Topic Last Modified: 2014-03-12

Location-Based Routing does not apply to the following types of interactions. Location-Based Routing is not enforced when Lync endpoints interact with PSTN endpoints using these capabilities.

  • PSTN dial-in to conferences

  • Incoming and outgoing PSTN calls through Response Group

  • Call park or retrieval of PSTN calls through Call Park

  • Incoming PSTN calls to Announcement Service

  • Incoming PSTN calls retrieved via Group Call Pickup

To enforce Location-Based Routing rules to the types of interactions in the following list, you must enable Location-Based Routing for Conferencing:

  • PSTN dial-out from conferences

  • Escalations from peer-to-peer audio conversations to conferencing involving PSTN endpoints

  • Consultative transfers involving PSTN endpoints

To enable Location-Based Routing for Conferencing, see Location-Based Routing for conferencing in Lync Server 2013.