AdomdCommand.ExecuteCellSet Method ()


Updated: March 10, 2016

Runs the AdomdCommand and returns a CellSet.

Namespace:   Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdClient
Assembly:  Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdClient (in Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdClient.dll)

public CellSet ExecuteCellSet()

Return Value

Type: Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdClient.CellSet

The cell set.

Exception Condition

The provider returned an error in response.


The provider sent an unrecognizable response.


The connection was broken.


An error occurred because one of the following conditions was met:

The ExecuteCellSet method tries to run the command that is contained by the AdomdCommand and returns a CellSet that contains the results of the command.

If the provider does not return a valid analytical data set, an exception is thrown.

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