Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdServer Namespace

Represents the ADOMD.NET data provider for objects running within a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (SSAS) instance.

Public classAdomdCommandRepresents a command to run against a analytical data source.
Public classAdomdConnectionRepresents the connection object to the running instance of Analysis Services.
Public classAdomdDataReaderProvides a means of reading a forward-only result set obtained by running a command, and can be used to access multidimensional data sources.
Public classAdomdDataReader.EnumeratorImplements the IEnumeratorinterface to support iterating over a AdomdDataReader and reading its individual records.
Public classAdomdExceptionRepresents an exception thrown by ADOMD.NET.
Public classAdomdParameterRepresents a parameter to an AdomdCommand object.
Public classAdomdParameterCollectionThis class gets a collection of AdomdParameter objects contained in a AdomdCommand object.
Public classContextProvides the execution context for the stored procedure.
Public classCubeCollectionContains a read-only, on-demand list of CubeDef objects contained by a AdomdConnection.
Public classCubeCollection.EnumeratorImplements the IEnumerator interface to support iterating over a CubeCollection and reading its individual CubeDef objects.
Public classCubeDefRepresents the metadata for a cube.
Public classDimensionRepresents a dimension within a cube.
Public classDimensionCollectionContains a read-only, on-demand collection of Dimension objects contained in a CubeDef.
Public classDimensionCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a DimensionCollection and reading its individual Dimension objects.
Public classExpressionProvides the functionality to evaluate a Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) expression and return an MDXValue.
Public classHierarchyRepresents a dimension hierarchy contained by a dimension or set.
Public classHierarchyCollectionContains a read-only, on-demand collection of Hierarchy objects contained in a Dimension or a Set.
Public classHierarchyCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a HierarchyCollection and reading its individual Hierarchy.
Public classKpiKey performance indicators (KPIs) are metadata wrappers around measures and MDX expressions.
Public classKpiCollectionContains a read-only, on-demand list of Kpi objects contained by a CubeDef.
Public classKpiCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a KpiCollection and reading its individual Kpi objects.
Public classLevelRepresents a level within a hierarchy.
Public classLevelCollectionContains a read-only, on-demand collection of Level objects contained in a Hierarchy.
Public classLevelCollection.EnumeratorContains a read-only, on-demand collection of Level objects contained in a Hierarchy.
Public classLevelPropertyRepresents a member property available on members in the level.
Public classLevelPropertyCollectionRepresents a read-only, on-demand collection of LevelProperty objects contained by a Level.
Public classLevelPropertyCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a LevelPropertyCollection and reading its individual LevelProperty objects.
Public classMDXProvides static methods for executing Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) functions without constructing the full MDX syntax.
Public classMDXValueProvides conversion capabilities between different Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdServer and value objects.
Public classMeasureRepresents a measure within a cube or measure group.
Public classMeasureCollectionGets a read-only, on-demand collection of Measures objects contained by a CubeDef.
Public classMeasureCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a MeasureCollection and reading its individual Measure objects.
Public classMemberRepresents a single member within a hierarchy, tuple, level, or member.
Public classMemberCollectionGets a read-only, on-demand collection of Member objects contained by a Position, a Level, or a Tuple.
Public classMemberCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a MemberCollection and reading its individual Member objects.
Public classMiningAttributeRepresents a mining attribute on a MiningContentNode object and MiningDistribution object.
Public classMiningAttributeCollectionRepresents a read-only, on-demand collection of MiningAttribute objects contained by a MiningModel.
Public classMiningAttributeCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a MiningAttributeCollection and reading its individual MiningAttributeParameter objects.
Public classMiningContentNodeRepresents the learned content of a MiningModel in a hierarchical node format.
Public classMiningContentNodeCollectionRepresents a read-only, on-demand collection of MiningContentNode objects contained by a MiningModel or MiningContentNode object.
Public classMiningContentNodeCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a MiningContentNodeCollection and reading its individual MiningContentNode objects.
Public classMiningDistributionRepresents the distribution of a value in a MiningContentNode.
Public classMiningDistributionCollectionRepresents a read-only, on-demand collection of MiningDistribution objects contained by a MiningContentNode.
Public classMiningDistributionCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a MiningDistributionCollection and reading its individual MiningDistribution objects.
Public classMiningModelRepresents a mining model of an AdomdConnection.
Public classMiningModelCollectionRepresents a read-only, on-demand collection of MiningModel objects that are contained by a MiningStructure or AdomdConnection object.
Public classMiningModelCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a MiningModelCollection and reading its individual MiningModel objects.
Public classMiningModelColumnRepresents a column in a mining model.
Public classMiningModelColumnCollectionRepresents a read-only, on-demand collection of MiningModelColumn objects contained by a MiningModel object.
Public classMiningModelColumnCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a MiningModelColumnCollection and reading its individual MiningModelColumn objects.
Public classMiningParameterRepresents an algorithm-specific parameter on the MiningModel.
Public classMiningParameterCollectionRepresents a read-only, on-demand collection of MiningParameter objects contained by a MiningModel object.
Public classMiningParameterCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a MiningParameterCollection and reading its individual MiningParameter objects.
Public classMiningServiceRepresents a mining algorithm available from the Context object.
Public classMiningServiceCollectionGets a read-only collection of MiningService objects contained by a CellSet.
Public classMiningServiceCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a MiningServiceCollection and reading its individual MiningService objects.
Public classMiningServiceParameterRepresents an available parameter for the mining service.
Public classMiningServiceParameterCollectionGets a read-only collection of MiningServiceParameter objects contained by a CellSet.
Public classMiningServiceParameterCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a MiningServiceParameterCollection and reading its individual MiningServiceParameter objects.
Public classMiningStructureRepresents a mining structure on the server. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classMiningStructureCollectionRepresents a read-only, on-demand collection of MiningStructure objects that are contained by an AdomdConnection object.
Public classMiningStructureCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a MiningStructureCollection and reading its individual MiningStructure objects.
Public classMiningStructureColumnRepresents the structure of a mining column.
Public classMiningStructureColumnCollectionGets a read-only collection of MiningStructureColumn objects contained by a CellSet. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classMiningStructureColumnCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a MiningStructureColumnCollection and reading its individual MiningStructureColumn objects.
Public classMiningValueRepresents a value in the mining distribution or mining column. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classMiningValueCollectionGets a read-only collection of MiningValue objects contained by a CellSet.
Public classMiningValueCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a MiningValueCollection and reading its individual MiningValue objects.
Public classNamedSetRepresents a named set for a given cube.
Public classNamedSetCollectionGets a read-only, on-demand collection of NamedSet objects contained by a CubeDef.
Public classNamedSetCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a NamedSetCollection and reading its individual NamedSet objects.
Public classPlugInAttributeGenerates runtime information about the PlugInAttribute custom attribute.
Public classPropertyRepresents a property of various ADOMD.NET objects.
Public classPropertyCollectionGets a read-only collection of Property objects contained by a CellSet.
Public classPropertyCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a PropertyCollection and reading its individual Property objects.
Public classSafeToPrepareAttributeMarks the methods in the assembly that are safe to run with the ExecuteForPrepare property set to true.
Public classServerRepresents the server object for the running instance of Analysis Services.
Public classSetRepresents an ordered collection of zero or more tuples.
Public classSetBuilderProvides the functionality to create immutable sets.
Public classTupleRepresents an ordered collection of members from different hierarchies.
Public classTupleBuilderProvides the functionality to create immutable tuples.
Public classTupleCollectionGets a read-only collection of Tuple objects contained by a Set.
Public classTupleCollection.EnumeratorSupports iterating over a TupleCollection and reading its individual Tuple objects.

Public structureAttributeStatsRepresents the statistics for a single attribute.
Public structureStateStatsRepresents the statistics for a single attribute state.

Public interfaceIMetadataObjectDefines an abstract class that provides the Name and UniqueName methods for metadata objects in Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdServer.

Public enumerationCubeTypeReturned by Type to determine if the CubeDef represents a dimension or a cube.
Public enumerationDimensionTypeEnumRepresents the dimension type of a Dimension.
Public enumerationHierarchyOriginDescribes the overall structure of a hierarchy.
Public enumerationLevelTypeEnumRepresents the level type of a Level.
Public enumerationMDX.DrilldownMemberFlagsDetermines how members will be evaluated in MDX.DrilldownMemberFlags.
Public enumerationMDX.GenerateFlagsDetermines how to evaluate the Generate method.
Public enumerationMemberTypeEnumRepresents the member type of a Member.
Public enumerationMiningColumnDistributionDescribes the distribution of the MiningModelColumn.
Public enumerationMiningColumnTypeDescribes the type of the underlying data that a MiningModelColumn represents.
Public enumerationMiningFeatureSelectionDescribes the type of attribute to return when calling GetAttributes. Alternatively describes a MiningAttribute.
Public enumerationMiningNodeTypeRepresents the type of the MiningContentNode.
Public enumerationMiningServiceControlRepresents the level of control that the mining service algorithm exposes on the training operation .
Public enumerationMiningServiceExpectedQualityDescribes the relative expected quality of the patterns found by the mining service algorithm.
Public enumerationMiningServicePredictionComplexityDescribes the relative expected complexity of executing a prediction with the mining service algorithm.
Public enumerationMiningServiceScalingDescribes the relative expected scalability of the mining service algorithm.
Public enumerationMiningServiceTrainingComplexityDescribes the relative expected complexity of training the mining service algorithm.
Public enumerationMiningValueTypeRepresents the type of the value of the MiningDistribution object and the MiningValue object.
Public enumerationSchemaObjectTypeRepresents the object type of an object retrieved by the GetSchemaObject method of the CubeDef.