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MiningContentNode Class

Represents the learned content of a MiningModel in a hierarchical node format.


Namespace:  Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdServer
Assembly:  msmgdsrv (in msmgdsrv.dll)

public sealed class MiningContentNode : IDisposable, 

The MiningContentNode type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAncestorsGets a collection of all ancestor MiningContentNode objects.
Public propertyAttributeGets a MiningAttribute object that applies to the MiningContentNode.
Public propertyCaptionGets the caption of the MiningContentNode in the current locale.
Public propertyChildrenGets a MiningContentNodeCollection containing the immediate children of the MiningContentNode.
Public propertyDescendantsGets a MiningContentNodeCollection containing all descendants of the MiningContentNode.
Public propertyDescriptionGets the description of the MiningContentNode in the current locale.
Public propertyDistributionGets a MiningDistributionCollection containing the MiningDistribution objects that describe the distribution of the MiningContentNode.
Public propertyMarginalProbabilityGets the probability of reaching the MiningContentNode from the parent of the MiningContentNode.
Public propertyMarginalRuleGets an XML description of the rule used when moving from the ParentNode to this MiningContentNode.
Public propertyNameGets the name of the MiningContentNode.
Public propertyNodeRuleGets the rule associated with this node.
Public propertyParentMiningModelGets the MiningModel of the MiningContentNode.
Public propertyParentNodeGets the immediate parent of the MiningContentNode.
Public propertyParentUniqueNameGets the unique name identifying the parent of the MiningContentNode.
Public propertyProbabilityGets the probability of reaching the MiningContentNode.
Public propertyPropertiesGets a PropertyCollection containing the properties of the MiningContentNode.
Public propertyScoreGets the score of the node.
Public propertyShortCaptionGets a shortened caption for the MiningContentNode.
Public propertySiblingsGets a collection containing the MiningContentNode objects on the same hierarchical level as the current MiningContentNode.
Public propertySupportGets the number of cases that support the MiningContentNode.
Public propertyTypeGets the type of the MiningContentNode.
Public propertyUniqueNameGets the unique name of the MiningContentNode.

Public method{dtor}Releases all resources used by the MiningContentNode.
Public methodDisposeReleases all resources used by the MiningContentNode.
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The model must be processing for this object to be available.

Any public static (Shared in Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.