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DimensionAttribute Class

Describes a dimension attribute. This class cannot be inherited.

Namespace:  Microsoft.AnalysisServices
Assembly:  Microsoft.AnalysisServices (in Microsoft.AnalysisServices.dll)

public sealed class DimensionAttribute : NamedComponent, 

The DimensionAttribute type exposes the following members.

Public methodDimensionAttribute()Initializes a new instance of DimensionAttribute using the default values.
Public methodDimensionAttribute(String)Initializes a new instance of DimensionAttribute using a name.
Public methodDimensionAttribute(String, String)Initializes a new instance of DimensionAttribute using a name and an identifier.

Public propertyAnnotationsGets a collection within which you can store custom data. (Inherited from ModelComponent.)
Public propertyAttributeHierarchyDisplayFolderGets or sets the folder in which to display the associated attribute hierarchy.
Public propertyAttributeHierarchyEnabledGets or sets whether an attribute hierarchy is enabled for the attribute.
Public propertyAttributeHierarchyOptimizedStateGets or sets the level of optimization applied to the attribute hierarchy.
Public propertyAttributeHierarchyOrderedGets or sets whether the associated attribute hierarchy is ordered.
Public propertyAttributeHierarchyVisibleGets or sets whether the attribute hierarchy is visible to client applications.
Public propertyAttributeRelationshipsGets the collection of AttributeRelationship objects for the attribute.
Protected propertyCanRaiseEvents (Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyContainer (Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyCustomRollupColumnGets or sets the details of the column that provide a custom rollup formula.
Public propertyCustomRollupPropertiesColumnGets or sets the details of a column that provide the properties of a custom rollup formula.
Public propertyDefaultMemberGets or sets a Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) expression that identifies the default member of DimensionAttribute.
Public propertyDescription (Inherited from NamedComponent.)
Protected propertyDesignMode (Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyDiscretizationBucketCountGets or sets the number of buckets into which to discretize attribute values.
Public propertyDiscretizationMethodGets or sets the method to be used for discretization.
Public propertyEstimatedCountGets or sets the estimated number of members for an attribute.
Protected propertyEvents (Inherited from Component.)
Protected propertyFriendlyName (Inherited from NamedComponent.)
Public propertyGroupingBehavior
Public propertyID (Inherited from NamedComponent.)
Public propertyInstanceSelectionGets or sets a hint to client applications to suggest how a list of items should be displayed, based on the expected number of items in the list.
Public propertyIsAggregatableGets or sets whether the values of the DimensionAttribute object can be aggregated.
Public propertyKeyColumnsGets the collection of key column definitions for DimensionAttribute.
Protected propertyKeyForCollection (Inherited from NamedComponent.)
Public propertyKeyUniquenessGuaranteeGets or sets whether the relationship between the attribute key and its name, and the relationship to related attributes, is guaranteed to be valid.
Public propertyMemberNamesUniqueGets or sets whether member names under DimensionAttribute must be unique.
Public propertyMembersWithDataGets or sets whether to display data members for non-leaf members in the parent attribute.
Public propertyMembersWithDataCaptionGets or sets a template string that is used to create captions for system-generated data members.
Public propertyName (Inherited from NamedComponent.)
Public propertyNameColumnGets or sets the column that provides the name of the DimensionAttribute.
Public propertyNamingTemplateGets or sets how levels are named in a parent-child hierarchy constructed from the DimensionAttribute object.
Public propertyNamingTemplateTranslationsGets a collection of localized translations for the NamingTemplate property.
Public propertyOrderByGets or sets how to order the members contained in the attribute.
Public propertyOrderByAttributeGets or sets the attribute by which to order the members of the attribute hierarchy.
Public propertyOrderByAttributeIDGets or sets another attribute by which to order the members of the DimensionAttribute.
Public propertyOwningCollectionGets or sets the collection that contains the ModelComponent. (Inherited from ModelComponent.)
Public propertyParent
Public propertyParentDatabaseGets the parent database of the attribute.
Public propertyParentServerGets the parent Server of the attribute.
Public propertyProcessingState
Public propertyRootMemberIfGets or sets how the root member or members of a parent attribute are identified.
Public propertySite (Inherited from NamedComponent.)
Public propertySiteID (Inherited from NamedComponent.)
Public propertySkippedLevelsColumnGets or sets the details of a column that stores the number of skipped (empty) levels between each member and its parent.
Public propertySource
Public propertyTranslationsGets the collection of Translation objects associated with DimensionAttribute.
Public propertyType
Public propertyUnaryOperatorColumnGets or sets the details of a column providing a unary operator.
Public propertyUsageGets or sets how an attribute is used.
Public propertyValueColumnGets or sets the column that provides the value of DimensionAttribute.

Protected methodAddToContainerInfrastructure. (Inherited from ModelComponent.)
Protected methodAfterInsertInfrastructure. (Inherited from ModelComponent.)
Protected methodAfterMoveInfrastructure. (Inherited from ModelComponent.)
Protected methodAfterRemoveInfrastructure. (Inherited from ModelComponent.)
Protected methodBeforeRemoveInfrastructure. (Inherited from ModelComponent.)
Public methodCloneCreates a new full copy of the DimensionAttribute object.
Public methodCopyTo(DimensionAttribute)
Protected methodCopyTo(ModelComponent)Infrastructure. (Inherited from ModelComponent.)
Protected methodCopyTo(NamedComponent) (Inherited from NamedComponent.)
Public methodCreateObjRef (Inherited from MarshalByRefObject.)
Public methodDispose() (Inherited from Component.)
Protected methodDispose(Boolean) (Inherited from Component.)
Public methodEquals (Inherited from Object.)
Protected methodFinalize (Inherited from Component.)
Public methodGetHashCode (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodGetLifetimeService (Inherited from MarshalByRefObject.)
Protected methodGetService (Inherited from Component.)
Public methodGetType (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodInitializeLifetimeService (Inherited from MarshalByRefObject.)
Protected methodMemberwiseClone() (Inherited from Object.)
Protected methodMemberwiseClone(Boolean) (Inherited from MarshalByRefObject.)
Protected methodRemoveFromContainerInfrastructure. (Inherited from ModelComponent.)
Protected methodReset (Inherited from NamedComponent.)
Public methodSubmit()Infrastructure. (Inherited from ModelComponent.)
Public methodSubmit(Boolean)Infrastructure. (Inherited from ModelComponent.)
Public methodToString (Inherited from NamedComponent.)
Public methodValidate(ValidationErrorCollection)Validates the element to which it is appended; returns any errors encountered in a collection. (Inherited from ModelComponent.)
Public methodValidate(ValidationErrorCollection, Boolean)Validates the element to which it is appended; returns any errors encountered in a collection. Also contains a parameter to enable return of detailed errors. (Inherited from ModelComponent.)
Public methodValidate(ValidationErrorCollection, Boolean, ServerEdition) (Overrides NamedComponent.Validate(ValidationErrorCollection, Boolean, ServerEdition).)

Public eventDisposed (Inherited from Component.)

Any public static (Shared in Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.

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