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IMajorObject Interface

This API supports the SQL Server 2012 infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

Contains the collection of major objects.

Namespace:  Microsoft.AnalysisServices
Assembly:  Microsoft.AnalysisServices (in Microsoft.AnalysisServices.dll)

public interface IMajorObject : INamedComponent, 
	IModelComponent, IComponent, IDisposable

The IMajorObject type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBaseTypeInfrastructure. Gets the base type implementation of the IMajorObject.
Public propertyDescriptionGets or sets the long description of the component. (Inherited from INamedComponent.)
Public propertyFriendlyPathInfrastructure. Gets a friendly path for this instance. (Inherited from IModelComponent.)
Public propertyIDGets or sets the engine ID of the component. (Inherited from INamedComponent.)
Public propertyIsLoadedInfrastructure. Gets a value indicating whether the object is currently loaded.
Public propertyNameGets or sets the name of the component as presented to user. (Inherited from INamedComponent.)
Public propertyObjectReferenceInfrastructure. Gets the object reference implementation of the IMajorObject.
Public propertyOwningCollectionInfrastructure. Gets or sets the collection that owns the current object. (Inherited from IModelComponent.)
Public propertyParentInfrastructure. Gets the parent IModelComponent of this instance. (Inherited from IModelComponent.)
Public propertyParentDatabaseInfrastructure. Gets the parent database referred to by IMajorObject.
Public propertyParentServerInfrastructure. Gets the Server object that is the parent of the IMajorObject object.
Public propertyPathInfrastructure. Gets the path implementation.
Public propertySite (Inherited from IComponent.)

Public methodCreateBodyInfrastructure. Creates a new body for the IMajorObject.
Public methodDependsOnInfrastructure. Determines whether the dimension permission depends on an object.
Public methodDispose (Inherited from IDisposable.)
Public methodGetDependentsInfrastructure. Adds a mining structures and subsequent dependents to the specified Hashtable.
Public methodRefresh()Infrastructure. Updates current object from server definitions.
Public methodRefresh(Boolean, RefreshType)Infrastructure. Updates current object from server definitions and loaded dependent objects if specified.
Public methodUpdateInfrastructure. Updates server definition of current object to actual values using the default values to updates dependent objects.
Public methodWriteRefInfrastructure. Writes a reference for the IMajorObject.

Public eventDisposed (Inherited from IComponent.)
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