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Server.Restore Method (String, String, Boolean, RestoreLocation[])

Restores an Analysis Services database from a backup file to the specified database, given an overwrite flag and multiple remote servers.

Namespace:  Microsoft.AnalysisServices
Assembly:  Microsoft.AnalysisServices (in Microsoft.AnalysisServices.dll)

public void Restore(
	string file,
	string databaseName,
	bool allowOverwrite,
	RestoreLocation[] locations


Type: String
The name and location of the file to restore.
Type: String
The database to restore to.
Type: Boolean
true to indicate that the database will be overwritten, if it exists; otherwise, false.
Type: Microsoft.AnalysisServices.RestoreLocation[]
An array of RestoreLocation objects, specifying multiple remote servers to restore to.

Security noteSecurity Note

For each backup file, the user who runs the backup command must have permission to read from the backup location specified for each file. To restore an Analysis Services database that is not installed on the server, the user must also be a member of the server role for that Analysis Services instance. To overwrite an Analysis Services database, the user must have one of the following roles: a member of the server role for the Analysis Services instance or a member of a database role with Full Control (Administrator) permissions on the database to be restored.


After restoring an existing database, the user who restored the database might lose access to the restored database. This loss of access can occur if, at the time that the backup was performed, the user was not a member of the server role or was not a member of the database role with Full Control (Administrator) permissions.

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