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TraceEventClass Enumeration

Defines the type of trace event.

Namespace:  Microsoft.AnalysisServices
Assembly:  Microsoft.AnalysisServices (in Microsoft.AnalysisServices.dll)

public enum TraceEventClass

Member nameDescription
AuditAdminOperationsThe type is AuditAdminOperations.

AuditLoginCollects all new connection events since the trace was started, such as when a client requests a connection to a server running an instance of SQL Server.
AuditLogoutCollects all new disconnect events since the trace was started, such as when a client issues a disconnect command.
AuditObjectPermissionObject permissions were changed.
AuditServerStartsAndStopsService was shut down, started, or paused.
CalculateNonEmptyBeginCalculation of non-empty for a query began.
CalculateNonEmptyCurrentCalculation of non-empty for a query is currently running.
CalculateNonEmptyEndCalculation of non-empty for a query ended.
CalculationEvaluationCalculation of results for a query.
CalculationEvaluationDetailedInformationCalculation of detailed information results for a query.
CommandBeginA command began.
CommandEndA command ended.
DAXQueryPlanThe DAX query plan.
DeadlockCollection of lock-related events.
DirectQueryBeginA DirectQuery operation began.
DirectQueryEndA DirectQuery operation ended.
DiscoverBeginA discover request began.
DiscoverEndA discover request ended.
ErrorThe server experienced an error.
ExecuteMdxScriptBeginMDX Script execution began.
ExecuteMdxScriptCurrentMDX Script execution is currently running.
ExecuteMdxScriptEndMDX Script execution ended.
ExistingConnectionCollection of connection events.
ExistingSessionCollection of session events.
FileLoadBeginThe file loading began.
FileLoadEndThe file loading ended.
FileSaveBeginThe file saving began.
FileSaveEndThe file saving ended.
GetDataFromAggregationAn answer was generated with data from an aggregation.

This event may have a negative impact on performance when turned on.

GetDataFromCacheAn answer was generated with data from one of the caches.

This event may have a negative impact on performance when turned on.

LockAcquiredThe type is LockAcquired.

LockReleasedThe type is LockReleased.

LocktimeoutA metadata lock timed out.
LockWaitingThe type is LockWaiting.

NotAvailableType not available.
NotificationCollection of notification events.
PageInBeginThe type is PageInBegin.

PageInEndThe type is PageInEnd.

PageOutBeginThe type is PageOutBegin.

PageOutEndThe type is PageOutEnd.

ProgressReportBeginProgress report started.
ProgressReportCurrentProgress report current.
ProgressReportEndProgress report end.
ProgressReportErrorProgress report error.
QueryBeginA query began.
QueryCubeBeginCube querying for a query began.
QueryCubeEndCube querying for a query ended.
QueryDimensionA dimension was queried.
QueryEndA query ended.
QuerySubcubeA subcube was queried; useful for usage-based optimization.
QuerySubcubeVerboseA subcube was queried; detailed information is traced.

This event may have a negative impact on performance when turned on.

ResourceUsageThe type is ResourceUsage.

SerializeResultsBeginSerialization of results for a query began.
SerializeResultsCurrentSerialization of results for a query is currently running.
SerializeResultsEndSerialization of results for a query ended.
ServerStateDiscoverBeginThe server state discovery started.
ServerStateDiscoverDataContents of the server state discover response.
ServerStateDiscoverEndThe server state discovery ended.
SessionInitializeA session was initialized.
UserDefinedA collection of user-defined events.
VertiPaqSEQueryBeginThe type is VertiPaqSEQueryBegin.

VertiPaqSEQueryCacheMatchThe type is VertiPaqSEQueryBeginCacheMatch.
VertiPaqSEQueryEndThe type is VertiPaqSEQueryEnd.

WLGroupCPUThrottlingThe type is WLGroupCPUThrottling.
WLGroupExceedsMemoryLimitThe WL group exceeds the memory limit.
WLGroupExceedsProcessingLimitThe WL group exceeds the processing limit.
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