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Microsoft.BizTalk.CrossReferencing Namespace

The Microsoft.BizTalk.CrossReferencing namespace provides classes of cross referencing for BizTalk service.

  Class Description
Public class CrossReferencing Provides utility methods for getting and setting ID and value mappings that can be used to translate the ID and value fields found in a source message instance into the appropriate ID and value fields required in the corresponding destination message instance. For example, the ID associated with a particular purchase order may be different in two software systems that must act upon that purchase order. The cross reference ID methods can be used to establish and lookup the relationship between the IDs used by the two systems. Similarly, the two systems may have different values used to express the status of the purchase order; the cross reference value methods can be used to translate the value used by one system to the value used by the other system. Additionally, the CrossReferencing class also includes several generic utility methods related to error handling.
Public class RaiseFaultException Infrastructure. Represents the raise fault exception.
Public class RuntimeException Infrastructure. Represents the exception occurred during BizTalk runtime.
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