AddressData Properties

The AddressData type exposes the following members.

Public property AttentionTo Gets or sets the AttentionTo field. (Inherited from CustomerAddress.)
Public property BuildingCompliment Gets or sets the BuildingCompliment. (Inherited from CustomerAddress.)
Public property City Gets or sets the City. (Inherited from Address.)
Public property County Gets or sets County. (Inherited from Address.)
Public property CustomerTableRecordId Gets or sets the custtable record identifier.
Public property Deactivate Gets or Sets a boolean that determines if this address will be deactivated or not upon save. (Inherited from CustomerAddress.)
Public property DirPartyLocationRecordId Gets or sets the DirPartyLocation record identifier.
Public property DirPartyLocationRoleRecordId Gets or sets the DirPartyLocationRole record identifier.
Public property DirPartyTableRecordId Gets or sets the record identifier.
Public property DistrictName Gets or sets the DistrictName. (Inherited from Address.)
Public property Email Gets or sets the Email. (Inherited from Address.)
Public property EmailLogisticsLocationRecordId
Public property EmailRecId Gets or sets the Email record identifier.
Public property EntityName Gets the name of the entity. (Inherited from CommerceEntity.)
Public property ExpireRecordId
Public property ExtensionData Gets or sets the structure that contains extra data. (Inherited from CommerceEntity.)
Public property FirstName Gets or sets the customer first name. (Inherited from CustomerAddress.)
Public property FullAddress Gets or sets FullAddress. (Inherited from CustomerAddress.)
Public property IsEmpty Gets a boolean that indicates if this Address is effectively empty/new. (Inherited from CustomerAddress.)
Public property IsPrimary Gets or sets a boolean that determines if this Address is the primary address or not. (Inherited from CustomerAddress.)
Public property Item Gets or sets the value associated with the specified key. (Inherited from CommerceEntity.)
Public property LastName Gets or sets the customer last name. (Inherited from CustomerAddress.)
Public property LogisticsLocationExtRecordId Gets or sets the logistics locationExt record identifier.
Public property LogisticsLocationRecordId Gets or sets the logistics location record identifier.
Public property LogisticsLocationRoleRecordId Gets or sets the logistics location role record identifier.
Public property MiddleName Gets or sets the customer middle name. (Inherited from CustomerAddress.)
Public property Name Gets or sets the address Name. (Inherited from Address.)
Public property Phone Gets or sets the Phone. (Inherited from Address.)
Public property PhoneLogisticsLocationRecordId
Public property PhoneRecId Gets or sets the Telephone record identifier.
Public property Postbox Gets or sets the PostBox. (Inherited from CustomerAddress.)
Public property RecordId Gets or sets the record identifier. (Inherited from CustomerAddress.)
Public property SortOrder Gets or sets the sort order for the address.
Public property State Gets or sets the State. (Inherited from Address.)
Public property Street Gets or sets the Street. (Inherited from Address.)
Public property StreetNumber Gets or sets the StreetNumber. (Inherited from Address.)
Public property TaxGroup (Inherited from CustomerAddress.)
Public property ThreeLetterISORegionName Gets or sets the Country 3-digit ISO Code. (Inherited from Address.)
Public property Url Gets or sets the Url. (Inherited from Address.)
Public property UrlLogisticsLocationRecordId
Public property UrlRecId Gets or sets the Url record identifier.
Public property Usage Gets or sets the Address Type. (Inherited from CustomerAddress.)
Public property ZipCode Gets or sets the ZipCode. (Inherited from Address.)