GetActivePrice Method

Gets the active unit price for given sales line based on channel and customer settings.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Dynamics.Commerce.Runtime.Services.PricingEngine
Assembly:  Microsoft.Dynamics.Commerce.Runtime.Services.PricingEngine (in Microsoft.Dynamics.Commerce.Runtime.Services.PricingEngine.dll)

public static decimal GetActivePrice(
	IPricingDataManager pricingDataManager,
	DiscountParameters priceParameters,
	string currencyCode,
	SalesLine saleItem,
	decimal quantity,
	string customerId,
	string customerPriceGroup,
	bool priceIncludesTax,
	DateTime dateToCheck,
	RoundingRule roundingMethod

Return Value

Type: System.Decimal
The price for the sales line based on the date/unit/quantity/customer/channel/etc.

The lowest price from the following becomes the Active price: Item Card Trade Agreements Promotion Key in new Price

Find the Customer Price: If the Active price is lower then Customer price => Use Active price. If the Customer price is lower then Active price => Use Customer Price.