Microsoft.HostIntegration.DataAccessLibrary Namespace

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The Microsoft.HostIntegration.DataAccessLibrary namespace grants access to the programmatic interface of the Data Access Tool (DAT).

BasicConnectionStringDescribes a basic connection string.
ConnectionExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown when an error occurs during a test connection.
ConnectionKeyLookupTableRepresents the table for the connection key lookup.
CustomTextBoxRepresents a custom textbox associated with the data access library.
DataAccessControlRepresents a facade that can be used to programmatically execute commands exposed by the Data Access Tool.
DataAccessHelpSupports Data Access Help.
DataAccessSettingsControls the computer settings for the Data Access Tool and Data Access Library.
DB2OleDbConnectionStringContains the DB2 OLEDB connection string.
Db2OleDbManagerManages the DB2 OLEDB provider.
FileSysOleDbConnectionStringContains a file system OLEDB connection string.
HcdColumnDescribes a host column description (HCD) column.
HcdDataTypesAllows for the manipulation of groups of Host Column Descriptors (HCD).
HcdFileDescribes a host column descriptor (HCD) file.
HcdTableDescribes a host column description (HCD) table.
HisOleDbManagerDescribes the HIS OLEDB manager.
HisProviderFactoryDescribes the HIS provider factory.
HostFileHcdControlDescribes the host file HCD control.
HostFileMetadataControlProvides access to the host file Metadata control.
IConnectionStringRepresents a generic connection string.
MessageDialogRepresents the message dialog.
OleDbConnectionStringDescribes an OLE DB connection string.
OutputPaneRepresents a pane that displays command results issued by the user.
SNANLSHelper class that provides methods for populating locale information in the Data Access Wizard.
SnaOleDbManagerRepresents the Sna OLE DB manager.
WizardProductImageRepresents the wizard product image.

IDataAccessControlRepresents an interface for the control of data accesses.
IHisProviderManagerRepresents the HIS provider manager.

HcdDataTypeDescribes the host column descriptor (HCD) data type.
SnaNlsCodePageRepresents the SNANLS code page.

CreatePackagesStatusCreates a package status.

DataSourcePlatformDescribes the type of platform the data is stored on.