Microsoft.MasterDataServices.Deployment Namespace

Contains types that facilitate MDS installation and configuration.

Public classDeploymentExceptionRepresents Master Data Services deployment errors.
Public classDeploymentOperationExceptionRepresents Master Data Services deployment errors with embedded collection services API operation errors.
Public classDeploymentStagingExceptionDenotes Master Data Services deployment errors with an embedded collection of staging batch result errors.
Public classModelDeployerCreates, clones, or updates a model from a deployment package metadata, business rules, and master data.
Public classModelReaderReads a model's metadata, business rules, and master data and creates a deployment package containing that information.
Public classPackageRepresents a deployment packgae.
Public classPackageSettingsContains the settings for a deployment package.
Public classServiceProxyManagerRepresents a wrapper for the Services API.
Public classWarningsRepresents the model deployment errors that are treated as warnings.

Public enumerationDeploymentTypeContains values specifying the type of deployment package.
Public enumerationVersionStatusFlagsContains values specifying which VersionStatus type or types to retrieve in GetVersion() calls.