Microsoft.ReportingServices.Interfaces Namespace

Contains classes and interfaces that enable you to construct and send custom notifications to users through your own delivery extensions, and to build custom security extensions for Reporting Services.

The Reporting Services Extension Class Library is a set of classes, interfaces, and value types that are included in Reporting Services. This library provides access to system functionality and is designed to be the foundation on which .NET Framework applications can be used to extend Reporting Services components.

AceCollectionRepresents a collection of access control entries specifying access rights for one or more trustees.
AceStructAn access control entry for a trustee (user, group, or computer) that specifies the operations that a trustee can perform on items in the report server database.
CatalogOperationsCollectionRepresents a collection of catalog operations.
DatasourceOperationsCollectionRepresents a collection of data source operations.
ExtensionRepresents an extension in SQL Server Reporting Services.
FolderOperationsCollectionRepresents a collection of folder operations.
LocalizedNameAttributeProvides the localized name of an extension.
ModelItemOperationsCollectionRepresents a collection of ModelItemOperationsCollection.
ModelOperationsCollectionRepresents a collection of ModelOperation objects.
NotificationRepresents subscription information that delivery extensions use to deliver reports.
OperationNamesContains the field names and corresponding values for operations that users can perform on items in SQL Server Reporting Services.
RenderedOutputFileRepresents the output from a rendering extension. A RenderedOutputFile object contains the associated filename and type information that is required by the delivery extension in order to process the stream returned by the rendering extension.
ReportRepresents report-specific information and methods that enable delivery extensions to deliver reports to users.
ReportOperationsCollectionRepresents a collection of report operations.
ResourceOperationsCollectionRepresents a collection of resource operations.
SettingRepresents a setting for an extension.
ValidValueRepresents a valid value for an extension setting.

IAuthenticationExtensionRepresents an authentication extension in SQL Server Reporting Services.
IAuthorizationExtensionRepresents an extension that can be used to extend the authorization feature of SQL Server Reporting Services.This interface is not CLS-compliant.
IDeliveryExtensionRepresents a delivery extension in SQL Server Reporting Services.
IDeliveryReportServerInformationContains information about the report server that is required by delivery extensions. For example, a list of the available rendering extensions.
IExtensionRepresents an extension in SQL Server Reporting Services.
IRenderStreamProvides support for rendering multiple streams from a rendering extension.
ISubscriptionBaseUIUserControlRepresents the means to retrieve delivery extension-specific subscription information from the user (for example, e-mail addresses).
IWindowsAuthenticationExtensionRepresents a Windows authentication extension in SQL ServerReporting Services.

CreateAndRegisterStreamCreates and registers a stream and is called by a report server to retrieve the stream to which to render a report.

CatalogOperationDescribes the operations that a user can perform on the catalog.
DatasourceOperationDescribes the operations that a user can perform on a shared data source.
FolderOperationDescribes the operations that a user can perform on a folder.
ModelItemOperationDescribes the types of operations allowed on a model item.
ModelOperationDescribes the operations that a user may perform on a model.
ReportOperationDescribes the operations that a user can perform on a report.
ResourceOperationDescribes the operations that a user can perform on a resource.
SecurityItemTypeDescribes the item associated with a specific authorization request.
StreamOperDefines the operation that is used by the CreateAndRegisterStream method. Rendering extensions may request a stream that is available for client applications through SOAP or URL access or a temporary stream to be used during the rendering process.

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