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ChartMember Class

Represents a category or series member for a chart.


Namespace:  Microsoft.ReportingServices.OnDemandReportRendering
Assembly:  Microsoft.ReportingServices.ProcessingCore (in Microsoft.ReportingServices.ProcessingCore.dll)

[StrongNameIdentityPermissionAttribute(SecurityAction.InheritanceDemand, PublicKey = "0024000004800000940000000602000000240000525341310004000001000100272736ad6e5f9586bac2d531eabc3acc666c2f8ec879fa94f8f7b0327d2ff2ed523448f83c3d5c5dd2dfc7bc99c5286b2c125117bf5cbe242b9d41750732b2bdffe649c6efb8e5526d526fdd130095ecdb7bf210809c6cdad8824faa9ac0310ac3cba2aa0523567b2dfa7fe250b30facbd62d4ec99b94ac47c7d3b28f1f6e4c8")]
public abstract class ChartMember : DataRegionMember

The ChartMember type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCategorySpanGets the number of categories spanned by this member, were the hierarchy to be treated as a grid.
Public propertyChildrenGets the children of this ChartMember.
Public propertyCustomPropertiesGets the custom properties for this data region member. (Inherited from DataRegionMember.)
Public propertyDataElementNameGets the name to use for the data element for this member.
Public propertyDataElementOutputGets a value that indicates whether the member should appear in a data rendering.
Public propertyDefinitionPathGets the path to this report definition object in the report definition. (Inherited from DataRegionMember.)
Public propertyGroupGets the data grouping information. (Inherited from DataRegionMember.)
Public propertyIDGets the unique identifier for this report definition object. (Inherited from DataRegionMember.)
Public propertyInstanceGets the report instance object that contains the calculated values of this report definition object.
Public propertyIsCategoryGets a value that indicates whether this is a member of the category (as opposed to series) hierarchy.
Public propertyIsStaticGets a boolean value that indicates whether the member is a static member. (Inherited from DataRegionMember.)
Public propertyIsTotalGets a value that indicates whether the member is an auto-subtotal created by publishing. For chart, this is always false.
Public propertyLabelGets the label displayed on the legend (for series members and category members when ChartSeries.Type = Shape) or category axis (for category members).
Public propertyMemberCellIndex (Inherited from DataRegionMember.)
Public propertyParentGets the parent member for this member
Public propertyParentDefinitionPathGets the path to report definition object's parent in the report definition. (Inherited from DataRegionMember.)
Public propertySeriesSpanGets the number of series spanned by this member, were the hierarchy to be treated as a grid.

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Protected fieldm_chartSeriesInfrastructure.
Protected fieldm_childrenInfrastructure.
Protected fieldm_customPropertyCollectionInfrastructure. (Inherited from DataRegionMember.)
Protected fieldm_definitionPathInfrastructure. (Inherited from DataRegionMember.)
Protected fieldm_groupInfrastructure. (Inherited from DataRegionMember.)
Protected fieldm_instanceInfrastructure.
Protected fieldm_labelInfrastructure.
Protected fieldm_ownerInfrastructure. (Inherited from DataRegionMember.)
Protected fieldm_parentInfrastructure. (Inherited from DataRegionMember.)
Protected fieldm_parentCollectionIndexInfrastructure. (Inherited from DataRegionMember.)
Protected fieldm_parentDefinitionPathInfrastructure. (Inherited from DataRegionMember.)

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