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ChartTitlePositions Enumeration

Specifies the position of the title.

Namespace:  Microsoft.ReportingServices.OnDemandReportRendering
Assembly:  Microsoft.ReportingServices.ProcessingCore (in Microsoft.ReportingServices.ProcessingCore.dll)

public enum ChartTitlePositions

Member nameDescription
TopCenterPosition title at top center.
TopLeftPosition title at top left.
TopRightPosition title at top right.
LeftTopPosition title at left top.
LeftCenterPosition title at left center.
LeftBottomPosition title at left bottom.
RightTopPosition title at right top.
RightCenterPosition title at right center.
RightBottomPosition title at right bottom.
BottomRightPosition title at bottom right.
BottomCenterPosition title at bottom center.
BottomLeftPosition title at bottom left.

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