GaugeInputValueFormulas Enumeration

Specifies the type of calculation to perform on the values represented by Value if more than one value is present.

Namespace:  Microsoft.ReportingServices.OnDemandReportRendering
Assembly:  Microsoft.ReportingServices.ProcessingCore (in Microsoft.ReportingServices.ProcessingCore.dll)

public enum GaugeInputValueFormulas

Member nameDescription
NoneCalculate the last value in the sorted array of values.
AverageCalculate the average of the values.
LinearApply a linear formula to the last value in the set of sorted values.
MaxCalculate the maximum value.
MinCalculate the minimum value.
MedianCalculate the median value.
OpenCloseCalculate the minimum and maximum values.
PercentileCalculate the lower percentile and the higher percentile represented by two values.
VarianceCalculate the variance of the values.
RateOfChangeCalculate the rate of change of the values over a specified time interval.
IntegralCalculate the integral of the values over a specified time interval.

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