PipelineComponent.ProvideComponentProperties Method

Called when a component is first added to the data flow task, to initialize the ComponentMetaData of the component.

Namespace: Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Pipeline
Assembly: Microsoft.SqlServer.PipelineHost (in microsoft.sqlserver.pipelinehost.dll)

public virtual void ProvideComponentProperties ()
public void ProvideComponentProperties ()
public function ProvideComponentProperties ()

This method is called when a component is first added to a data flow task. It is similar to a constructor and is the method that initializes a component. Components should add their inputs, outputs, and custom properties during this method.

The base class adds synchronous IDTSInput90 and IDTSOutput90 object to the ComponentMetaData.

For more information, see Design-time Methods of a Data Flow Component.

public override void ProvideComponentProperties()
    // Reset the component.
    IDTSInput90 input = ComponentMetaData.InputCollection.New();
    input.Name = "Input";

    IDTSOutput90 output = ComponentMetaDAta.OutputCollection.New();
    output.Name = "Output";
    output.SynchronousInputID = input.ID;

    IDTSCustomProperty90 property = ComponentMetaData.CustomPropertyCollection.New();
    property.Name = "RuntimeVariable";
    property.Description = "Identifies a Variable in the package.";

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