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ScriptComponentHost Class

This API supports the SQL Server 2012 infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

Represents the host for the script component.


Namespace:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Pipeline
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.TxScript (in Microsoft.SqlServer.TxScript.dll)

public class ScriptComponentHost : PipelineComponent, 

The ScriptComponentHost type exposes the following members.

Public methodScriptComponentHostInfrastructure. Initializes a new instance of the ScriptComponentHost class.

Public propertyBufferManagerGets the IDTSBufferManager100 of the pipeline component. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Public propertyComponentMetaDataGets the IDTSComponentMetaData100 for a component. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Public propertyCurrentScriptingEngineInfrastructure. Gets the current scripting engine.
Public propertyErrorSupportReturns an ErrorSupport object that lets the component raise errors, warnings, or other information events based on HRESULTs returned by Integration Services components written in native code. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Public propertyEventInfosGets the IDTSEventInfos100 collection of the PipelineComponent object. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Public propertyLogEntryInfosGets an IDTSLogEntryInfos100 collection of logging events that the component has registered. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Public propertyProjectTemplatePathInfrastructure. Gets the path of the current template.
Public propertyReferenceTrackerGets the IDTSObjectReferenceTracker100 associated with the component. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Public propertyVariableDispenserGets the IDTSVariableDispenser100 of the data flow component. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)

Public methodAcquireConnectionsInfrastructure. Acquires connection for ScriptComponentHost. (Overrides PipelineComponent.AcquireConnections(Object).)
Public methodAddErrorOutputAdds an IDTSOutput100 object and marks it as an error output by setting the IsErrorOut property to true. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Public methodCleanupInfrastructure. Performs a component host cleanup. (Overrides PipelineComponent.Cleanup().)
Public methodCloseIDEInfrastructure. Closes the IDE for the ScriptComponentHost.
Public methodCreateNewProjectInfrastructure. Creates a new ScriptComponentHost project.
Public methodDeleteExternalMetadataColumnDeletes the external metadata column at the specified index from the collection of external metadata columns. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Public methodDeleteInputDeletes an IDTSInput100 object from the IDTSInputCollection100 collection. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Public methodDeleteOutputDeletes an IDTSOutput100 object from the IDTSOutputCollection100 collection. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Public methodDeleteOutputColumnDeletes an IDTSOutputColumn100 object from the IDTSOutputColumnCollection100 collection. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Public methodDescribeRedirectedErrorCodeProvides error code information for a PipelineBuffer row added to an output buffer. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Public methodEquals (Inherited from Object.)
Protected methodFinalize (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodGetBinaryCodeInfrastructure. Gets the collection of binary codes.
Public methodGetDependentInputsReturns a collection of the input IDs of inputs that are waiting for more data, and thus are blocking the specified input. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Public methodGetErrorOutputInfoReturns the index and ID of the error output of the component. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Public methodGetHashCode (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodGetType (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodGetUniqueVSTAProjectNameInfrastructure. Gets the unique VSTA project name.
Public methodInitializeWhen overridden in a derived class, initializes a new instance of a custom data flow component. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Public methodInsertExternalMetadataColumnAtInserts a new external metadata column into the collection of external metadata columns at the specified index. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Public methodInsertInputInfrastructure. Inserts input for the ScriptComponentHost. (Overrides PipelineComponent.InsertInput(DTSInsertPlacement, Int32).)
Public methodInsertOutputInfrastructure. Inserts a new output to the ScriptComponentHost. (Overrides PipelineComponent.InsertOutput(DTSInsertPlacement, Int32).)
Public methodInsertOutputColumnAtInfrastructure. Inserts an output at a specified column index. (Overrides PipelineComponent.InsertOutputColumnAt(Int32, Int32, String, String).)
Public methodIsInputReadyDetermines which of the inputs attached to a component are waiting for more data, and which have enough data to process and are blocked. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Public methodLoadScriptFromComponentInfrastructure. Loads script from component.
Public methodMapInputColumnEstablishes a relationship between an input column and a corresponding external metadata column. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Public methodMapOutputColumnEstablishes a relationship between an output column and a corresponding external metadata column. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Protected methodMemberwiseClone (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodOnDeletingInputColumnDeletes an IDTSInputColumn100 object from the IDTSInputColumnCollection100. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Public methodOnInputPathAttachedCalled when an IDTSInput100 object is connected to the component through the IDTSPath100 interface. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Public methodOnInputPathDetachedCalled when an IDTSInput100 object is disconnected from the component through the IDTSPath100 interface. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Public methodOnOutputPathAttachedCalled when an IDTSOutput100 object of the component is attached to a downstream component. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Public methodPerformUpgradeInfrastructure. Performs a ScriptComponentHost upgrade. (Overrides PipelineComponent.PerformUpgrade(Int32).)
Public methodPostExecuteInfrastructure. Specifies the ScriptComponentHost after execution. (Overrides PipelineComponent.PostExecute().)
Public methodPreExecuteInfrastructure. Specifies the ScriptComponentHost before execution. (Overrides PipelineComponent.PreExecute().)
Public methodPrepareForExecuteInfrastructure. Prepares the ScriptComponentHost before execution. (Overrides PipelineComponent.PrepareForExecute().)
Public methodPrimeOutputInfrastructure. Specifies the prime output for the ScriptComponentHost. (Overrides PipelineComponent.PrimeOutput(Int32, Int32[], PipelineBuffer[]).)
Public methodProcessInputInfrastructure. Processes the ScriptComponentHost input. (Overrides PipelineComponent.ProcessInput(Int32, PipelineBuffer).)
Public methodProvideComponentPropertiesInfrastructure. Provides properties for the ScriptComponentHost. (Overrides PipelineComponent.ProvideComponentProperties().)
Public methodPutBinaryCodeInfrastructure. Puts binary codes in the ScriptComponentHost.
Public methodPutSourceCodeInfrastructure. Puts source code to the ScriptComponentHost.
Public methodRegisterEventsWhen you are developing a custom data flow component, you override this method to create custom events. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Public methodRegisterLogEntriesInfrastructure. Registers log entries for the ScriptComponentHost. (Overrides PipelineComponent.RegisterLogEntries().)
Public methodReinitializeMetaDataRepairs any errors identified during validation that cause the component to return VS_NEEDSNEWMETADATA at design time. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Public methodReleaseConnectionsInfrastructure. Releases connection for the host. (Overrides PipelineComponent.ReleaseConnections().)
Public methodRemoveAllInputsOutputsAndCustomPropertiesDeletes each IDTSInput100 and IDTSOutput100 object from the component. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Public methodSaveScriptProjectInfrastructure. Saves the ScriptComponentHost script project.
Public methodSetComponentPropertyInfrastructure. Sets the component property of the host. (Overrides PipelineComponent.SetComponentProperty(String, Object).)
Public methodSetExternalMetadataColumnDataTypePropertiesSets the data type properties of the specified external metadata column. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Public methodSetExternalMetadataColumnPropertySets an individual property of an external metadata column. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Public methodSetInputColumnPropertyAssigns a value to the IDTSCustomProperty100 of an IDTSInputColumn100 object. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Public methodSetInputPropertyAssigns a value to the IDTSCustomProperty100 of an IDTSInput100 object. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Public methodSetOutputColumnDataTypePropertiesInfrastructure. Sets the output column data type property for the component host. (Overrides PipelineComponent.SetOutputColumnDataTypeProperties(Int32, Int32, DataType, Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32).)
Public methodSetOutputColumnPropertySets the value of an IDTSCustomProperty100 for an IDTSOutputColumn100 object. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Public methodSetOutputPropertySets the value of an IDTSCustomProperty100 on an IDTSOutput100 object. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Public methodSetUsageTypeCreates an IDTSInputColumn100 object in the IDTSInputColumnCollection100 of the component and sets the UsageType property of the column. (Inherited from PipelineComponent.)
Public methodShowIDEInfrastructure. Shows the IDE for the Component host.
Public methodToString (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodValidateInfrastructure. Validates the component host. (Overrides PipelineComponent.Validate().)

Any public static (Shared in Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.

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