Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Pipeline.Wrapper Namespace

The Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Pipeline.Wrapper namespace provides the classes and interfaces used to create custom Data Flow components and to automate the Data Flow task.

This assembly is a Primary Interop Assembly for DTSPipeline.dll.

CManagedComponentWrapperClassRepresents the design-time instance of a data flow component.
DTSBufferManagerClassCreates and manages IDTSBuffer90 objects.
MainPipeClassAdds and connects components in a data flow layout.

CManagedComponentWrapperConfigures the properties and column collections of a component.
DTSBufferManagerManages IDTSBuffer90 objects.
IDTSBLOBObject90Used to read and write bytes to a column in an IDTSBuffer90 object.
IDTSBuffer90Represents an in-memory, two-dimensional storage object that contains rows and columns.
IDTSBufferManager90Creates and manages IDTSBuffer90 objects.
IDTSComponentMetaData90Contains the definition of a data flow component, including the custom properties, inputs, outputs, and input and output columns defined on a data flow component.
IDTSComponentMetaDataCollection90Contains a collection of IDTSComponentMetaData90 objects.
IDTSComponentView90Allows changes to the IDTSComponentMetaData90 of a data flow component to be rolled back.
IDTSCustomProperty90Contains custom information about an object in a data flow task.
IDTSCustomPropertyCollection90Contains a collection of IDTSCustomProperty90 objects.
IDTSDesigntimeComponent90Defines the design-time methods of a data flow component written in C++ and COM.
IDTSExternalMetadataColumn90Represents a column from an external data source.
IDTSExternalMetadataColumnCollection90Contains a collection of IDTSExternalMetadataColumn90 objects that represent the columns of an external data source.
IDTSFriendlyEnum90Provides names for the values of an enumeration.
IDTSFriendlyEnumCollection90Contains a collection of IDTSFriendlyEnum90 objects.
IDTSInput90Contains the collection of columns that represents the data provided to a component in the form of PipelineBuffer objects at run time.
IDTSInputCollection90Contains a collection of IDTSInput90 objects.
IDTSInputColumn90Represents an output column of an upstream component that is selected for use by a component.
IDTSInputColumnCollection90Contains a collection of IDTSInputColumn90 columns.
IDTSObject90Defines the base object interface for data flow objects.
IDTSOutput90Contains the collection of IDTSOutputColumn90 columns available to downstream components in a graph.
IDTSOutputCollection90Contains a collection of IDTSOutput90 objects.
IDTSOutputColumn90Contains the design-time definition of a column provided by a component.
IDTSOutputColumnCollection90Contains a collection of IDTSOutputColumn90 columns.
IDTSPath90Represents a connection between two components.
IDTSPathCollection90Provides a collection container for storing IDTSPath90 objects.
IDTSPipeline90Defines the methods and properties implemented by the data flow task.
IDTSRuntimeComponent90Defines the run-time methods of a data flow component.
IDTSRuntimeConnection90References a ConnectionManager object in a package.
IDTSRuntimeConnectionCollection90Contains a collection of IDTSRuntimeConnectionCollection90 objects.
IDTSVirtualInput90Represents the columns available to a component from the upstream component.
IDTSVirtualInputColumn90Represents an IDTSOutputColumn90 in the StartPoint object of an IDTSPath90 object.
IDTSVirtualInputColumnCollection90Contains a collection of IDTSVirtualInputColumn90 columns.
MainPipeProvides the managed implementation of the IDTSPipeline90 interface used to programmatically configure a data flow task.

DTP_BUFFCOLContains metadata that describes the data stored in a buffer column.
tagBUFFERCOLContains metadata that describes the data stored in a buffer column.

DTPSTATUSENUMSpecifies the status for a column in an IDTSBuffer90 object.
DTSBufferFlagsContains values that are used to register a buffer with the IDTSBufferManager90 object.
DTSBufferHandlePresetValuesSpecifies a defined set of buffer handles.
DTSCustomPropertyExpressionTypeIndicates whether the value of a custom property of a data flow component can be specified by using property expressions.
DTSInsertPlacementSpecifies the location to insert a new IDTSInput90 or IDTSOutput90 object in the collection.
DTSObjectTypeSpecifies the objects that implement the IDTSObject90 interface in the data flow object model.
DTSPersistenceFormatSpecifies the persistence format of the objects in a data flow task.
DTSPersistStateSpecifies how an IDTSCustomProperty90 is persisted in the package XML file.
DTSPIPELINEVERSIONSpecifies the version of the data flow engine installed on the computer.
DTSRowDispositionSpecifies how to proceed if an error or truncation occurs while processing a row.
DTSUsageTypeIndicates how an IDTSInputColumn90 object is used by a component.
DTSValidationStatusSpecifies the return value of a call to Validate.