IDTSOutput100 Interface


Contains the collection of IDTSOutputColumn100 columns available to downstream components in a graph.

Namespace:   Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Pipeline.Wrapper
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.DTSPipelineWrap (in Microsoft.SqlServer.DTSPipelineWrap.dll)

<TypeLibTypeAttribute(TypeLibTypeFlags.FDual Or TypeLibTypeFlags.FDispatchable)>
Public Interface IDTSOutput100
	Inherits IDTSObject100


Gets the ID of the PipelineBuffer allocated for an IDTSOutput100 object.


Gets the IDTSComponentMetaData100 of an IDTSOutput100 object.


Gets the collection of IDTSCustomProperty100 objects defined for an IDTSOutput100 object.


Gets or sets a value that notifies the data flow engine that the IDTSOutput100 can be unattached.


Gets or sets a value that determines whether the data flow engine deletes an IDTSOutput100 object when it is detached from an IDTSPath100 object.


Gets or sets the description of an IDTSOutput100 object.


Gets or sets text that describes the error or truncation operation of an IDTSOutput100 object.


Gets or sets a value that specifies how a component proceeds when an error occurs while processing the columns in the output at run time.


Gets or sets the ExclusionGroup property of an IDTSOutput100 object.


Gets the IDTSExternalMetadataColumnCollection100 of an IDTSOutput100 object.


Gets or sets a value that indicates whether a data flow component should be removed or remain in the execution plan of a data flow task when its input is not attached to an upstream component and when the RunInOptimizedMode property of the Data Flow task is true.


Gets or sets the ID property of an IDTSOutput100 object.


Gets a string that uniquely identifies an IDTSOutput100 object.


Gets a value that indicates if the IDTSOutput100 object is attached to another component via an IDTSPath100object.


Gets or sets a value that indicates whether an IDTSOutput100 object is an error output.


Gets a value that indicates whether the columns in an output object are sorted.


Gets or sets the name of an IDTSOutput100.


Gets the DTSObjectType of an IDTSOutput100 object.


Gets the collection of IDTSOutputColumn100 objects defined for an IDTSOutput100 object.


Gets or sets the ID of an IDTSInput100 that is synchronous to an IDTSOutput100.


Gets or sets a value that determines how a component processes a row where a column has been truncated as a result of its operation on a column in the row.

The IDTSOutput100 object contains the collection of IDTSOutputColumn100 columns exposed by a data flow component. The output is connected to the IDTSInput100 of a downstream component to establish the flow of data between two components.

An output can be either synchronous to an IDTSInput100 object, or asynchronous, and is specified by the SynchronousInputID property.

The columns in the output column collection are available to downstream components. Columns are added and removed from the collection at design time.

The following code example demonstrates a component that creates an IDTSOutput100 that is synchronous to its input during a call to the ProvideComponentProperties method.

Public Overrides Sub ProvideComponentProperties() 
 Dim input As IDTSInput100 = ComponentMetaData.InputCollection.New 
 input.Name = "Input" 
 Dim output As IDTSOutput100 = ComponentMetaData.OutputCollection.New 
 output.Name = "Output" 
 output.SynchronousInputID = input.ID 
End Sub
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