Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Tasks.ExecuteSQLTask Namespace

The ExecuteSQLTask namespace contains the ExecuteSQLTask class that enables a package to run SQL statements. The task can be configured to use result sets, making the results of the SQL statement available to other objects in the package. To use a result set, map the result set to a variable, which can then be used by other objects in the package. The task can also be configured to run parameterized queries. To provide parameter values, map the variables that contain the parameter values to the columns in the query.

Packages commonly use the functionality of the ExecuteSQLTask to perform actions on database objects, such as truncating tables, selecting rows in tables and views, or running stored procedures.

Public classExecuteSQLTaskContains the members used to configure and run an Execute SQL task. The Execute SQL task is used to execute SQL commands against a relational database table or view.

Public interfaceIDTSExecuteSQLInfrastructure.
Public interfaceIDTSParameterBindingInfrastructure.
Public interfaceIDTSParameterBindingsInfrastructure.
Public interfaceIDTSResultBindingInfrastructure.
Public interfaceIDTSResultBindingsInfrastructure.
Public interfaceIDTSSetConnectionManagerInfrastructure.

Public enumerationParameterDirectionsDefines the type of the parameters available to use in the SQL statement that the Execute SQL task runs.
Public enumerationResultSetTypeDefines the type of result set that the Execute SQL task can use.
Public enumerationSqlStatementSourceTypeDefines the location of the SqlStatementSource.