FileSystemTask.AcceptBreakpointManager Method (BreakpointManager)


Passes a BreakpointManager to the task. This method is called by the runtime and is not used in code.

Namespace:   Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Tasks.FileSystemTask
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.FileSystemTask (in Microsoft.SqlServer.FileSystemTask.dll)

public void AcceptBreakpointManager(
	BreakpointManager manager


Type: Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime.BreakpointManager

The breakpoint manager specific to this task.

This method is overridden when you create a custom task.

The IDTSBreakpointSite interface defines this method, which is inherited by tasks and called by the runtime engine during task creation. The method takes the BreakpointManager object as a parameter, which is then used by each task to create and manage its breakpoints.

The following sample code demonstrates how to override the method when writing a custom task, creating a breakpoint using the BreakpointManager and calling the OnBreakpointHit method to raise the event. For more information, see Adding Support for Debugging in a Custom Task.

public void AcceptBreakpointManager( BreakpointManager breakPointManager )
   // Store the breakpoint manager locally.
   this.bpm  = breakPointManager;
   // Create a breakpoint.
   this.bpm.CreateBreakPoint( 1 , "A sample breakpoint." );
public override DTSExecResult Execute( Connections connections, Variables variables, IDTSComponentEvents events, IDTSLogging log, DtsTransaction txn)
   if( this.bpm.IsBreakpointTargetEnabled( 1 ) == true )
      events.OnBreakpointHit( this.bpm.GetBreakpointTarget( 1 ) );
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