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Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Data Namespace

The Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Data namespace contains the class that represents the DataBus class and the classes which support the DataBus class.

  Class Description
Public class DataBus Represents the DataBus class.
Public class DataBusDataSource Represents a data source for the DataBus control.
Public class DataBusDataSource.ReadOnlyListAdapter<T> Implements read only list as adapter of read-only collection.
Public class DuplicatePropertyException Represents the exception in the property if duplication occurred.
Public class ExceptionSet Displays the set of exceptions during the program execution.
Public class ObjectPropertyData Represents information about the properties of the data.
Public class ObjectPropertyProvider Represents the object that should be used to provide properties in the class.
Public class PropertyData Represents information about a Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) property.
Public class PropertyDictionary Gets the list of elements contained in the PropertyDictionary.
Public class PropertyException Represents an error that occurs when an operation on the property fails.
Public class SmoObjectPropertyFilter Specifies the attributes of the SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) object properties.
Public class TypeMismatchException Represents the exception that is thrown when errors occurred.
Public class TypeMismatchPropertyException Represents the exception that is thrown in the property when errors occurred.
Public class ValueMismatchPropertyException Represents the exception to be used if the value of the property is wrong.

  Interface Description
Public interface IContext Retrieves a service object that provides custom support to other objects.
Public interface IDataBus Defines the size, enumerators, and synchronization methods for all non-generic collections in the DataBus control.
Public interface IObjectPropertyFilter Defines a method that filters the existing objects in the generic collection of property.
Public interface IPropertyDictionary Gets the list of elements contained in the PropertyDictionary.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration PropertyCollisionResolution Represents a class that enumerates the PropertyCollision.
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